Pre “Game Server Build log” and Software.

I have a few topics today. I’ll start with the cooliest.

So I just ordered my parts to build a server. There’s good news and bad news.

First. I went with AMD. FX- 6300 6 core 4.1ghz
this to be exact:
8fe0de1ef8a9555c5f29d1794db1bae8Sounds weird wanting a 24/7 server to run on AMD. I admit I am a fanboy of intel. I need this to be reliable but at the same time it is not a storage server so it doesn’t have important files on it. The similar performing intel processor is around $100 more. I think ill be fine with this. I’m not overclocking it, so I’ll probably undervolt it so I can save power. I think ill be able to save like 25% of the entire build’s power.

The next parts are sort-of insignificant.

  1. MSI 760GMA-P34 motherboard
  2. 4GB Mushkin 1600mhz ram
  3. Mushkin 60GB SSD

So. Cheap ram cause less important in this situation.
Cheap small SSD for fast map loading times.

Now the Motherboard is the part that’s interesting. The motherboard was only $55….
yeah so if there will be anything to fail first on this it’ll be the Mobo. This will be an interesting test of time for cheap parts. I also think I’m going to have to buy network card with an Intel controller on it because I’m sure the onboard one will overheat eventually.

I don’t remember if I explained earlier, but I’m separating the servers. I was going to make a single storage/ftp/csgo/minecraft/teamspeak server but I figured out a couple things.

  1. If i make them two separate servers, ftp/storage and csgo/minecraft/teamspeak, then my storage is a little more secure and hard to get to… so don’t hack my server for my homework.
  2. To make a server to run 5 programs would cost twice as much than if I make one for games and used my current build for just storage. It would also cost more in electricity.

If you’re wondering how these servers work software-wise I’ll explain here.

Storage: I use network sharing between all of my servers and my main computer. I also use a nice free ftp file server to host only certain folders to my friends that they need a user and password for.

Games: I use a custom built minecraft server hoster that lets me control server configs on the fly and adjust mods and things. I love minecraft and all but modded minecraft is at least 600% better… seriously. I have yet to host a counterstrike server but I’ll figure it out.

Control: If you’ve ever wondered how I use these computers when there are just Ethernet cables and power hooked up. I use remote desktop client to control them. Pretty simple. This comes in handy because If I play music on the computer hosting Teamspeak (via youtube, soundcloud, etc.) it will brodcast to us inside the server. It’s like playing video games with a custom music track.

Monitoring: I run a few monitoring programs that I personally find irreplaceable. The first is a cpu temp  monitor that puts the temps in the task bar so I can see them on the fly. I also use a cpu load and ram load monitor that do the same. here’s a pic9c4844f795e13ae7f9d98257fa578ece

Security: This is an interesting topic. I don’t really mind to security much. I might in the future because I should. I don’t keep anything important on my personal computer or my laptop or server so I really don’t care. my roommate doesn’t either. The few security things I do are

  1. My server bans your IP if you guess the password wrong 10 times
  2. EVERYTHING I have has a password on it.
  3. I have all of my programs run logs so i know every single person’s actions and their ip adresses. I also have a program that watches the shared folders on my server so I know things like when space was taken and how much.
  4. My router is cheap yes, but I can block sites. Most people don’t use it but I spent hours entering every single ad service I could find. I personally have adblock on my computer. But now I don’t even get YouTube ads on my cellphone. lol

My Network usage has been scaring me lately:84ccc95a170e0e71f084c0bf17c35d88

My current Internet provider has been really cool so far. I use a little more than half a terabyte of data a month between my roommate and I (604GB last month). They haven’t throttled us as of yet so that’s cool. We’re only living here for 2 more months however and the biggest ISP where we’re moving is Comcast. And everyone remembers the whole fiasco of their 300GB limit. That litterally makes no sense. I downloaded a single game once that was 65GB, A SINGLE GAME. There’s going to be 4 of us at my new place and we’d use 85% of our monthly allowance in 1 day. That’s bs. Even if they throttle us after a certain point, I really don’t think 4 college kids can live with dial-up speed internet. I don’t mean that in a spoiled kind of way, I mean that In a everything-in-college-is-done-online-nowadays kind of way.

I decided to rename my servers now that I have 2.

  1. The storage server is now: Serverus Alexandria. Named after the Library of Alexandria
  2. The Powerhouse 6 core game server is now: Serverus Ares. Named after the Greek God of War.

I also ordered 2 cases So I can move my storage server out of that old case in my hallway lol

Oh and to whoever attacked my server 176 times yesterday and FAILED this is all you were missing: