My current projects

So It’s actually quite nice writing in here about what I’m doing. I feel like all I do nowadays is sit in my room all day and not talking to anyone. It’d be nice to move my editing computer to my porch but carrying a water-cooled computer by yourself is freaking impossible. BUT water-cooling makes it so rediculously quiet that the breeze outside my window is louder than my computer at full load. :) no humming or squealing from shitty comp fans.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways my current projects:

Screenshot (41)Title: Darkness
I’m assistant director, assistant editor, and probably going to do all the sound crap.
I have until June 10th to finish this with the editor so that’s okay, not enough time, that’s for sure, but we’ll finish.

Screenshot (42)Title: I guess this is who I am now…
I’m writer, Director, Editor, and sound. I’m totally ecstatic about how my cinematographer was able to capture this. The¬†picture¬†lock and sub-final draft due in like 2 days, FUCK.

I’m also working on two other projects but being just editor on them I am not allowed to show you anything. :P

I really enjoy editing serious stories like this because it’s a new genre for me. Everyone loves comedy and I feel like comedy is a little easier to make. To make a compelling story however, is super freaking hard. But I love it. I love this so much. Someone gives me raw footage, a script and a dream in their head of what they want. I take all of that raw footage and turn it into a world where it can exist and where that story can bloom. Every single cut length and sound and even color correction drastically changes the feeling the viewer has. The ability to stack all of these things onto a viewer and forcing the viewer to feel some kind of emotion over a, well essentially a, fake world is just amazing.