Serverus Ares Is born.


That was anti-climactic. It looks the same but the computer performance is incredibly different.

here’s some specs

  • fx-6300 6 core processor
  • 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram
  • mushkin 60gb SSD
  • some cheap 300 watt power supply

So when it comes to compute difference between the two servers, I scored pretty okay on cinebench. Here’s a list of processors I’ve personally tested and their scores:

  • Serverus Ares – 406
  • amd a10 5800k – 259
  • 4770k(stock clock) – 720ish
  • 4790k(stock clock) – 805
  • my personal computer – 1259
  • Serverus Alexandria – literally couldn’t even open the app. LMAO. so somewhere around 10-20

The bright side is that the I don’t have to upgrade the storage because it goes fast enough for storage. I’m pretty Impressed with this cpu so far. I stressed it under aida64 and it ran to a full temp of 60 degrees. It idles at 14 degrees but amd cpu’s are known to be around 10 degrees off under 30 degrees anyways. The power consumption is so low its mind boggling. 38 watts at full load… what. That’s so insanely low its stupid. It’s also turbo boosting to 4.1ghz…. sometimes. My cheap ass power supply’s 12 volt rail drops to 11.7 volts when under full cpu load. I think this is what’s stopping the cpu from ramping up. I suppose this is what i get for buying a cheap power supply. A drop in voltage that far with < 15 percent of its rated load? what. my power supply in my main computer its at 12.096 volts even if my cpu and gpu are at full load.( > 350 watts).

The ssd kind of cracked me up. I bought it because it was 36$ and was in a nice small size for os and a few apps. It’s speeds are 273MB/s read, 67MB/s write. This just makes me laugh because I’ve been so spoiled by premium hardware. My personal computer has 10 times the read and 25 times the write speed. BUT I have to remember this IS a server. This ssd stays icy cold and I hope it’ll be more reliable in that.

The ram is ram i suppose. With 4 game servers on it I sit at 93% ram load. lol. I feel like I should buy more but I mean It’s never fills it and it only gets that high when there is a bunch of traffic.

The fans are hilarious. There are 4 of them (2 for each server) at 100% speed 24 hours a day. I feel this is necessary. They do make my living room sound like the inside of a leafblower but I’m never in there. I’m always here. In my room. Both servers stay under room temperature under minimum load so that’s good.

The blue lights on the front are silly. My kitchen is bright blue at night. so bright that I don’t need to turn a light on to walk around.

Here’s some server tests



So it’s still in beta I suppose. I’m working on a way to run these separate game servers a little better. In testing, players are getting almost 0 packet-loss so that’s perfect.

In other news, I still haven’t found a way to access the servers from my school network. which is annoying because even on this little server, between my friends and I, there ARE people on it 24/7. There is always someone there and I don’t want to disappoint them with a shitty experience. I have to hotspot my phone to get to my servers. I’ve even tried to vpn around the school… nope blocked. The other day, there was a kid next to me in my graphics design class on 4chan… and i can’t check a fucking game server… WHATWDHOIF:AOIJFBOUJAEfba.

whatever. I started to check using a nice website called uptime robot and it polls my servers every 5 minutes and emails me when they go down. FOR FREEEee

I know that sometime in the next 4 months or so I will need to upgrade the storage server. I have access to a 4 core amd cpu and mobo BUT either I take it or it goes to a friend that needs a gaming computer. So I’ll just upgrade. I know it’ll be expensive because in minimum I would need at least 2 drives (for raid 1) and I want idealy 4 drives (for raid 10).( or you know… 8 drives for raid 50). I also would need a raid card. I need a UPS just in case theres a power outage. UGH money.

someone donate to me plz. lol

final thoughts: I think this server will be fine. I don’t think I’ll have to upgrade it for a while. the cpu is at stock clock and sits at 5% load for 12 hours then 40% load for the other 12 every day.

Serverus Alexandria gets an upgrade.

So until the parts get here for the more powerful server, Here’s the upgrade for the storage server.

My new cases came early so I decided to get the older server out of the way. Heres a pic:


The first thing I did was take out the old hardware and Dust it off. After about 10 pounds of dust came off, it looked pretty good. here’s more pics



So I was totally going to put the useless IDE cd drive in but I got lazy.

Case Pros:

  • Cheap as hell
  • pretty well made
  • comes with all hardware
  • can fit 2 HDD’s and 2 SSD’s
  • can fit 2 useless CD drives

Case Cons:

  • can only fit 2 HDD’s even though you can stick them in the cd bays. i guess

Pretty good case. I’m glad I got 2 of these for my systems. I also needed a cheap way to measure how long the servers are on so I bought some cheap Hour meters on amazon. they’re the ones you stick on generators and stuff to measure how long they have been running lol. I calculated that server has been running for 12,000 hours so far. I think that’s pretty amazing for something I got for free.

One more thing. usually places that you mount ATX power supplies let you mount upward and downward. Not in this case (lol pun). I had to 3m tape the power supply face down so the 24 pin power connector would reach far enough. Whatever, it worked anyways lol.


here it is in the temporary sitting place until I get my rails to mount it. That led on the front lights up my entire living room so I’ll probably darken it. Can’t wait to have both running.

How registering my own domain was more useful than just naming my WordPress.

So. I registered the domain to get extra credit for a class. At first I sorta thought it was $18 for 20 extra credit points but ended up being useful because I missed the first 2 weeks of class lol.

But after researching DNS stuff.(honestly I have no idea what dns means). lol. I figured out that as owner of that domain I can use it for more than just my website.

I know that I can set A records for my domain(ill explain in a but) but I didn’t know where on WordPress since I registered this domain through them. In settings however, I did find it:


as you can see I’ve made 2 new A records on this domain. This version of A records makes it so I can write something like: and it forwards the user to some ip that I choose.

One is pointed to the public ip of my ftp and storage server and one is pointed toward my teamspeak server. This is nice because if I want to invite someone to my teamspeak server, I don’t have to give them my public IP.(because that’s dangerous.)
-also, teamspeak is a low footprint/low latency talk hoster, sorta like skype, exept it doesn’t feed off of your computer like skype does.(just in case you didnt know, skype hosts other calls off your computer when it’s open, BAAAADDD)
-yes I know the beginning of one of the servers is only censored 2 characters so that isn’t very secure, i don’t care. there’s 1296 combinations so go for it.

This makes the server look a lot more professional. Now onto the storage/ftp side. I am always on my computer. either at home or school. Everyone knows what dropbox is. It’s the prime example of an ftp server. It’s available ALL of the time. It also works no matter what network you are on. If you have the dropbox client installed on your computer, It shows up as a normal folder that automatically updates if you put anything in your dropbox anywhere in the world.

I made my own “dropbox” sort of thing. By starting an ftp server on my server computer and sharing a specific folder on the server, I can make anyone with a username and password able to access the server’s folder. On a windows computer I can “Map Network Drive” and enter the username and password and it’ll make a folder on my computer that is constantly connected to the server. This works no matter what network I am on. Its like a network thumb drive. It works great and the only bottleneck in the system is the server’s network speed and the client’s network speed. otherwise its pretty awesome. You can even type the server’s address in a browser window and view the files if you have a password. On an android or iphone you can access the ftp server and read and write files also.

here’s a pic from my laptop while I’m at school:

90e732df4ede81d609ec3e003319b0e8it shows up as a folder on my comp.

The A record on the domain comes in at this point. If I leave my laptop on a table and someone looks at it, it wont show my server’s ip. It’ll say something like lmao

Now the reason I made this ftp server isn’t cause I’m one of those people that think that having crap online in a place like dropbox is dangerous. I honestly don’t care if someone wants my homework. I did it because I have an unlimited amount of storage and well… cause I wanted to lol. dropbox is free yes. but 2gb is $99 a year and 5tb is $750 a year…

its like….. are you serious dropbox?

If I wanted 2 more gb I could rummage around the house, find a thumb drive, and plug it into my server for more storage.

If I wanted 18tb I could buy 3 6tb nas drives from newegg for $750 and plug it into the server. (A nas drive has an average manufacturer run time of 1,000,000 hours or over 100 years lol)

You make your money back as long as the drives last 1% into their lifespan lol.

dropbox however, makes a ton of redundant copies of your data just in case they have a server issue or something. You could run a raid setup so that all of your data is copied to two or more different drives in case of drive failure. There’s also the issue of power. If it goes out, so does your server. You also don’t pay for electricity with dropbox, I have a computer running 24/7 in my hallway that I’m paying for that luckily only uses about $3 a month in power. Also how often do you have network outages or you need to reset your router? It all stops there.

I have pretty reliable internet and power so I’m not really worried about it. The server has only been down once and that was because I accidentally stepped on the power adapter when I was drunk. lol.

This setup is really good, In a few months I’m moving into Sacramento to live with my friends. All 4 of us have lived together before and We’ve known eachother for 8ish years or more. All of us are techies, and we’re always online. Now we can all use my storage server to host homework files from class or even just as storage to keep our personal computer hard drives empty and fast.

I used my server to host all of my regular programs and drivers because as a person that redoes his operating system often, its nice to not have to re-download EVERYTHING over again.

Another server I will be making will host the Teamspeak server, Counterstrike server, Minecraft Server, and pretty much anything else I want. The two servers are separated for security reasons.

I estimate that it’ll take about $10 a month in electricity to run both servers. To rent these servers from an online host, you’d usually pay $5 for minecraft, $5 for counterstrike, $5 for teamspeak, and so on. We already talked about the price of storage servers online lol.

I recommend anyone that has the ability to do this to take this on. Its super cheap, It’s reliable(as long as you raid your drives), and it just useful.

Glenn if you’re reading this, thank you for making the domain extra credit :D

The failed upgrade that almost killed my server.

So Serverus 1.0 is my beloved storage server running in my hallway. After running for a month 24/7, I got tired of it’s super slow single core processor. So I went on eBay and bid on a processor for a dollar that was a dual core.


And I know someday I’ll build a better server but a dollar for a dual core was totally worth it. The problem is that AMD made that exact processor for 2 different sockets. Socket 939 and socket am2. Here’s a pic:


As you can see, the difference was only 1 pin so worth the risk for a dollar. The seller didn’t specify what socket it was for.

Here’s where I got lazy.
I shoulda just looked at the cpu when I got it. I didn’t. I pulled out the original cpu. and it was stuck to the cpu cooler because the thermal paste was cured. This always happens. I tried to fit the new cpu in, didn’t fit, awe well. Time to put the old one back it.

I FUCKING LEFT THE RETENTION ARM DOWN. (with the retention arm down the cpu cannot fall into the socket and just sits on top of it).
I sat the cpu down like an idiot and tightened down the cooler. Then it wouldn’t boot. Tried a bunch of different things and just couldn’t get it to post. I turned the cpu over and my dumb mistake flattened 17 pins…

Pretty much means dead cpu.
So, since I didn’t want to go without a server, I broke out my smallest flat screwdriver and started straitening pins. I’ve heard of people bending a pin or 2 and it was fixable but 17 scared me. dead cpu either way so worth a try.

I should have took a pic when it happened, didn’t think of that, So pretend like you know what I’m talking about. After like a half an hour of pin bending i was able to shake the cpu into place. The bios posted and it was up and running. Stuck the cooler back on and put it back in the hallway.

I am still crazy surprised I was able to fix it. I should probably pay more attention to ebay before bidding. And probably should have payed attention the the retention arm. I just forgot about it because once the thermal paste cures, it rips the cpu out of the socket when you take the cooler out.

This is why I like Intel. Because I’m lazy and forgetful. and the pins are socket-side and not cpu-side.

Have a good day. Don’t be lazy.

My school’s shitty network

So I’m not going to hide what school I’m attending. It would be smart to not say so I don’t get in trouble; on the off chance they see this they might change some things.

Anyways. there are a few network things that should be fixed.

First. There are like 4 wireless networks and 2 wired networks. The 4 wireless ones all on the same channels

Screenshot_2015-08-31-18-37-06 I take it back, there’s like 90 freaking networks. I understand they are making it so you get signal wherever you go but that barely works anyways. I am glad they upgraded because even if you were able to get signal you only got about 3 mbits down and 0.5 up. That was fucking torture. I’m a film major, uploading large files wasn’t an option unless I was home.

Speaking of signal. I’m pretty sure the parking pass machines work off of the wifi. I tried to pay for parking today and it said it was offline. I feel like that’s a normal thing because I can’t even load Facebook on my phone in the school parking lot. I couldn’t pay for a pass today so I probably got a parking ticket.

Another problem they have is blocking unnecessary things. I use RDP to connect to my home computer wherever I am. I also use a TeamSpeak server to message and talk to friends. I kind of understand blocking RDP so I cant connect to a home computer and go on social networks in class. EXCEPT I can load any social network on the schools network anyways. I even tested IT FUCKING LOADS. What in the world are they scared of me doing if I connect to a home computer.

I tried another thing. I tried to RDP from a school computer to my laptop that was on school wifi, Didn’t work.

I called the network help center at my school to ask them why it is like that, Especially since every mac computer here has RDP installed anyways. The man told me that to access RDP and it’s open ports, I need to have a secured access to the network. I asked him how. He said that students are not allowed to have secured accounts…

So the student computers can load fucking porn but I can’t load my own computer to render on instead of the shitty computers they give us. Awesome. The University I used to go to didn’t give a shit what you did on the school network.

One final thing that pisses me off. Now, you cannot send emails on the school network. That’s more sad then annoying I suppose. here’s a pic


Yeah. Have a good day.

One more thing. Why does this classroom only have 2 sets of plugs in it? My computer only goes a few hours on a charge. I suppose that’s not their fault though

Making this an actual website.

I’d love to provide before & after photos but I’ve been working on certain parts of this website over the last few months and never took photos before.

So the first thing I noticed was that my banner photo looked fine when viewed in 1920 pixel width on a computer (90% of website traffic). But when viewed vertically on a cellphone it looked weird. My title also acted weird. A few weeks ago I changed it to a fan art photo of one of my favorite shows;the artist posted the vector image for free use so i used it also. It loos like this now:

Screenshot (16)1920 width on a computer

d219455dbe9f6dc29f53ae2ec8af29f93840 width in 4k or ultrawide monitors

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-141920 width on a cell phone(landscape)

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-051080 width on a cell phone(portrait)

Another thing I did to the site was make the 1st page an empty title page, sorta like a sticky. I did this when I first designed the website. I did this so after the title and banner there’s a white divider then it shows my posts. as you can see by the first photo in this post. To me it looks like this:
It has an edit option cause it’s technically a title card. It bothers me but only I can see it. This site is also set to go to that title card when first visited at or when clicking the banner. this way you end up navigating exactly where I want you to.

In the sidebar on the right there is a better navigation center, I took out all the useless options that litterally noby will ever use

Another thing I do to every post is disable sharing options because I feel as small as my viewership is at the moment, it isn’t worth the bulk at the bottom of my page. I also categorize everything. I oddly send links to people often. I never realized that having a place to host my ideas or explanations for things would be so nice. In the future , when my year licence runs out on this domain ill probably move it over to square space. I’m not a big fan of WordPress but it is really easy so ill give it that.

I feel like the end of my page is totally out of order but it isn’t something I’m allowed to change.
Current order:

  1. an ad(seriously?)
  2. reblog/like
  3. related
  4. previous/next post
  5. leave a reply
  6. recent posts.

This makes no sense. It should be

  1. leave a reply
  2. like/reblog
  3. previous/next post
  4. related
  5. recent

This way it’s more intuitive and makes sense.

Another thing I never do is post a photo to the side of words. It looks okay on a computer but the second you are on mobile you get this weird text problem. The photo takes priority and the words get cut off or split and that’s annoying.

I know I cuss and stuff in my blog. I know some individuals may not like that. I’m sorry. I however have never worked in a professional place where I can’t cuss talking to coworkers and stuff. I understand not cussing around customers but I have no desire to work at a place where I cannot use my normal vocabulary. (lol double negative) . A lot of my blog is inspired by the devblog by on . He talks to you like he is talking to YOU. It’s personal, its perfect. He uses a lot of photos and he isn’t afraid of telling his opinion.

The biggest thing that annoys me is that there are like 8 color options for my accents. All links on this page and all buttons at the bottom of this page are some weird ass salmon color. 8 “free” colors not containing a purple but containing 3 different versions of puke green? awesome.

I also assume there’s an ad at the bottom of my page.
5d4d607d15c7c295e4bb7d9f40db41d7Cool. I pay for my site and MY domain and they still put ads on my page. That’s ridiculous. As you can see I have to use adblock on MY OWN FREAKING WEBSITE WTF DUDE. Remember my post about my Serverus 1.0? I suppose I can host my website on it myself. Thanks for viewing guys :)

My new server thing.

So I made a server called Serverus 1.0 . I made it out of a computer my parents were throwing out.. so free.
And before you ask its not a Harry Potter reference, its named after a 3 headed dog called a Cerberus.

like this:

I take it back, like this:

Anyways here she is! Look how cute she is :D

IMG_20150805_003212 IMG_20150809_212838oh and BTW, that card in the pci slot, its a freaking dial up network card LMAO.

It has a Single core AMD processor that came out in 2006 (lol). It has only 1 gig of DDR2 ram (lol).
Its been running constantly for about 7 days under load and seems to be doing fine. I’m currently not running a VPN but I don’t really care if this computer gets hacked, there’s nothing important on it.
I’m using it to host a teamspeak server cause i have like 6 friends who pay monthly to get their servers hosted when I can host it myself.. for free… well minus electricity, but its a computer that has no monitor or keyboard or mouse.

I currently use RDP to control it with my main computer which is awesome on two monitors:
Screenshot (75)It’s super cool having windows 7 pro on one screen and windows 10 pro on the other. lol. It’s also funny seeing task manager comparison. Check out how the server has ONE core and my main computer has 12 lmao.

This is definitely a temporary solution for now. Serverus will be a 6 core cpu @4.1 ghz with 8gb of DDR3 ram and  2 2TB harddrives in RAID 1. It’ll also be rackmounted into my closet with all of the other networking things. That is all in the future however because that upgrade will take about $450. (not bad though)

Future Work on the Server:

  1. 6 core cpu @4.1ghz (I’m so glad single core computers aren’t a thing anymore)
  2. MOOOAR RAM (cause I run out extremely fast)
  3. SSD boot and 2 NAS HDD’s in raid 1
  4. A rack mount cause (cause this thing is litterally sitting in the middle of my hallway on the floor lol)

Future programs to test on the server:

  1. Minecraft server
  2. modded Minecraft server
  3. CS:GO server at 128 tick to host at least 10 people.
  4. VM’s for everyone in the house(so they can log on from anywhere in the world and get files for school and stuff)

Future networking things I need to do.(In 6 months when I move back to Sacramento):

  1. Move to a server grade wired router
  2. Install a gigabit switch
  3. move EVERYTHING to a closet cause fans are loud
  4. Run cat6 ethernet cables everywhere(2 to my room, 2 to Dylan’s, 1 to Jacob’s, 1 to Drews’s, 2 to the living room, 4 to other places)
  5. run ethernet cables to the 5 shitty WiFi routers me and my friends have to use as access points (this way if the wifi is down it doesn’t hinder the rest of the network we just have to reset that certain WiFi router.
  6. Run all network though a VPN cause by then there’ll be private info on it.

Thinking about it now there’ll be 19 network cables and a coaxial cable going into this closet in my house lolol.

I wanna talk about a few games.

It has amazed me how far games have gotten in the past few years, and I mean in a visual sense. Screenshot (59)

This is a game called Rust. (It’s dev blog is at: ). It is currently in alpha development but I pay it all the time with friends. this screenshot was taken at native res with all settings turned up. here’s a few more.

Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (53)

another game I play is Skyrim V. Although this game was released late 2011 there are still people out there making mods to keep this game up to date.

Here’s some examples of screenshots from google. (I’d post mine but since I play in fullscreen mode, I cant screenshot my games.

Now, these were rendered at what looks like 1920×1080. With newer graphics cards like Nvidia’s 900 series you can render games at a higher resolution and down-sample to fit on a normal monitor. When I play Skyrim I play at 3840×2160 which effectively quadruples the amount of pixels being pushed. This arguably making the picture 4 times better maybe. More pixels=more rendered=less sharp ugly lines=better picture.

I will admit, running modded Skyrim at 4k pins my GPU at 100% load and I stuggle to stay about 60fps. But damn is it worth it. Why should I go outdoors when I can see this .

So aslo, I play this game that we’ll call CS. I’ve always played video games but I’d never thought that I’d play one this much

I’ve had the game about a year and I’ve logged about 1100 hours

…there are about 8766 hours in a year.. so 12.5% of my last year, days and nights, were spent playing this. I need a life.

ANYWAYS, I enjoy this for a few reasons. First he gameplay is amazing. You play from start to halftime as a Counter-terrorist, trying to eliminate the terrorist before they plant the bomb or defuse it if they do, and the second half you do the opposite. It’s oddly very addictive. The game is played only online with other people with the same ranks as you. The rank system is very well developed. if you win a few times you rank up and if you lose a few you rank down. There is no experience points or anything. You play this game purely on skill.

This is even a game that is played in a worldwide league of signed men and women teams playing how hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(sidenote, my favoroite team CLG Red just won first place in women’s world competition :D)

There are also really… interesting conversations in this game. As with most videogames, they are primarily dominated by men so the conversations are very rude.

Enjoy this clip I made of my friends playing CS. WARNING, terrible language and women being called bitches and what-not. I don’t really talk much when I play I just listen.

Picture lock :)

So I’m editing an decided to stop cutting stuff out. It’s down to 4:53.

If I didn’t have two monitors I’d cry. I run Premiere on both or After Effects on one with YouTube on the other. Having 12 logical cores on this comp doesn’t slow me down at all. I also feel like I’m out of anime’s I need new ones.

Here’s a preview of the coloring I’m doing, due tomorrow. And also enjoying some System of a Down lol.
Screenshot (46)

In other news, I was at a party last night and tried to light a stoge on the stove for this lady, didn’t have a lighter and I almost burned my eyebrows off. Don’t play with fire when you’re drunk kids. :)

EDIT: here’s an extremely large gif of steph stealing someones money and picking her weapon back up.

 photo Sequence-02_zpsintumalg.gif