I wanna talk about a few games.

It has amazed me how far games have gotten in the past few years, and I mean in a visual sense. Screenshot (59)

This is a game called Rust. (It’s dev blog is at: http://playrust.com/ ). It is currently in alpha development but I pay it all the time with friends. this screenshot was taken at native res with all settings turned up. here’s a few more.

Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (53)

another game I play is Skyrim V. Although this game was released late 2011 there are still people out there making mods to keep this game up to date.

Here’s some examples of screenshots from google. (I’d post mine but since I play in fullscreen mode, I cant screenshot my games.

Now, these were rendered at what looks like 1920×1080. With newer graphics cards like Nvidia’s 900 series you can render games at a higher resolution and down-sample to fit on a normal monitor. When I play Skyrim I play at 3840×2160 which effectively quadruples the amount of pixels being pushed. This arguably making the picture 4 times better maybe. More pixels=more rendered=less sharp ugly lines=better picture.

I will admit, running modded Skyrim at 4k pins my GPU at 100% load and I stuggle to stay about 60fps. But damn is it worth it. Why should I go outdoors when I can see this .

So aslo, I play this game that we’ll call CS. I’ve always played video games but I’d never thought that I’d play one this much

I’ve had the game about a year and I’ve logged about 1100 hours

…there are about 8766 hours in a year.. so 12.5% of my last year, days and nights, were spent playing this. I need a life.

ANYWAYS, I enjoy this for a few reasons. First he gameplay is amazing. You play from start to halftime as a Counter-terrorist, trying to eliminate the terrorist before they plant the bomb or defuse it if they do, and the second half you do the opposite. It’s oddly very addictive. The game is played only online with other people with the same ranks as you. The rank system is very well developed. if you win a few times you rank up and if you lose a few you rank down. There is no experience points or anything. You play this game purely on skill.

This is even a game that is played in a worldwide league of signed men and women teams playing how hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(sidenote, my favoroite team CLG Red just won first place in women’s world competition :D)

There are also really… interesting conversations in this game. As with most videogames, they are primarily dominated by men so the conversations are very rude.

Enjoy this clip I made of my friends playing CS. WARNING, terrible language and women being called bitches and what-not. I don’t really talk much when I play I just listen.

This week’s activity, to make an activity.

As a person in love with tech, im ironically really bad at Snapchat. I never really use it other than short chats with friends, which is why I didn’t want to post my Snapchat name in the roster.

Anyways, as a total noob to this app I think I have figured out the way to use it.

So as a college student in a shitty apartment I also have a pretty shitty view. I decided to vamp it up a bit. I added neighbors, colorful houses and trees


I’m sure there is an easier way to draw because it is damn hard to draw with my thumbs. hahaha I even put red likes flying off of a car that’s most definitely speeding (happens a lot here, the speed limit is 35 and people often think its 60 for some reason).

So in short, my idea is to take where you live(view or street etc.) and make it as colorful and exciting as you feel necessary. I actually got the idea of this from my friend Ty who takes pictures of things and draws all over them, like street-snapchat graffiti; his phone has a stylus so its easier for him. I think Snapchat art is interesting. To make something artistic that isn’t archived and is only enjoyed for 24 hours by a group of people that happened to see it. Interesting.

If anyone knows an easier way to do this please update me. haha

heres the before:


in other news, I’m a little late to this week’s homework because I binge watched a couple seasons of this anime.

… and by a couple seasons I mean 6 haha.


Nikki S. Lee and how she broke identity down

This artist is amazing. I watched an hour long interview with her about how she started.

She is a Korean photographer born in 1970. She received a bachelors and masters degree in photography in New York. She started to wonder about her own identity and decided to do these projects where she explored other peoples lives. This idea became huge and she became a famous photographer.


Her idea was spending time with people from a completely different life as her and form into them, even her look, and she takes pictures with them. She isn’t the person taking the picture, she’s the subject similar to Victorine Meurent. In an interview She said she would spend about a month with her subjects but no longer because that identity would become too real.


She has done many projects like the Lesbian project, the Yuppie project, the Tourist project, and the Hip Hop project. Although her idea didn’t start out to make a message, just her trying to explore identity, it showed that a person’s identity isn’t black and white and can flow like sexuality.


Like other students mentioned, the picture style was also unique. Her photos are posed in a way that a normal person would take the picture. That further puts her in that identity. Regular people taking regular photos in their regular environment. It was genius.

In other news, in class we talked about 19th century artists and as a big fan of Vincent van Gogh it reminded me of this scene in Doctor Who. When I visited this museum it was awesome because I’ve been wanting to go since I saw this episode.

…not going to lie I might have cried a bit ahhahahahha

Redesigning Redding

So I’ve decided to redesign Redding,Ca. I’m not home this week so ill work on the town I’m in. I lived around Redding for 10 years before I lived in long beach so I still consider this home. This city its in the extreme north of California about 100 miles south of the Oregon border.

Screenshot (10)

Now the reason I want to redesign this ENTIRE city and not just a neighborhood is because it has the worst layout imaginable. The city is so spread out that it takes a good 20 minutes at freeway speeds to get from one side of the city to the other.
According to google, Redding has a population of 91,000 and a size of 61 sqmi. If you compare that to Long Beach,for example, it has a population of 469,000 and a size of 51 sqmi. That is almost 5 times as spread out. I went to the tallest place around redding to try to get an aerial view and this is what I got.

As you can see it is so spread out all you can see is trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees, I think it should be the city of trees instead of Sacramento. I feel like most people have never lived in a city where trees outnumber people and that’s actually really bad. The problem that Redding has is there is 1 main road called Cypress Ave. going East/West. and I5 going north/south. For a city with this many people that isn’t enough and since it is so spread everyone uses those roads. The traffic is terrible there.

If this city was designed closer together many positives would come out of it. Travel time would get cut down. Gas would be less used. People might even walk to work.

To redesign this city I used a game I’ve been playing for a while. Its called City Skylines. Why design a city when I can study it’s layout down to things like traffic problems, recreation, even garbage routes.

A circle style city, its perfect. Everything exactly where you need it in the shortest possible route.

i attempted to recreate the photo above

Screenshot (11)

almost 190,000 population even a lake like in Redding. The original idea of the Atoll style city was designed by a guy named Drizzle on steam.

In other news, the city ended up going bankrupt and crime rate skyrocketed. Interesting really.


Victorine Meurent: Painter, Model.


This woman well, Is an artist. Yes, it’s a little odd for an artist to be the person in the art but that was her style. Let me make a metaphor. When you watch a commercial for a sports car drifting a corner at high speed. The slow motion slots of smoke pouring from the tires and sun reflecting off the hood, that is the ad for the car company itself. But, There’s a driver also, and you never saw the drivers name. That car was pushed and controlled at that limit by the driver and not the car. Her painter was Édouard Manet.


She was also a painter. She was born in 1844 in France. She was the model in the well known masterpieces of Manet. It is interesting that modeling was a thing back then. As a young woman she was depicted in his art and became famous. She has had her personal art and art of her featured in exhibits. She was painted many.many times. If you google her name you can see her painted doing almost anything. That is what I find interesting. A lot of credit of her paintings were given to her even though she was the subject. I feel like she gave off a feeling that the artist couldn’t give alone. This combination is what made these works famous.



As one of the other students in my class mentioned. Nudes were always gods and goddesses. She didn’t seem to care about that. Many nudes are drawn of her and in all her paintings you see her confidence in who she is. She’s not a goddess but was as good as one. I read a report by someone who mentioned that when the first painting of her was on exhibit it was laughed at or ignored because she was nude and then visited later; people at the time didn’t want to admit that it was art. I also agree with the similarities between titanic and the nude of her laying on the bed.

Look what i drew while I was procrastinating homework. It took like 3 whole sharpies. I find it important to have more than one thing going on at the same time. As a person with ADD its really hard for me to just do something. right now I’m writing this, re-watching doctor who, looking at computer parts and drawing my villain picture. I like completing things, I love it. I honestly, and i hate it but have come to terms with it, forget sentences while I’m saying them. Working on a bunch of things at once gives me the ability to hop back and forth and finish things.


So I painted on cardboard today.


I couldn’t exactly figure out where I was going with this. so, i decided to drown the cardboard as much as possible hahah

I’ve never used spray paint to paint pictures before. I’ve only ever used it to paint things that needed to be painted. This is new to me. It was almost difficult to purposely make the paint run and stay wet. I enjoyed it though. I should have went to Venice.

I definitely need more space, I was thinking about redoing this on my computer and putting it on a wall somewhere famous with google earth hahahha.


In other news I had a piece of cardboard that was bigger and i taped it to my wall to paint on it. I left for a bit to get food and came back and it was gone. I’m assuming it flew off of my balcony. I live on a 3rd floor apartment so someone downstairs got a free piece of cardboard i suppose…


Joseph Cornell and his Boxes


This man is Joseph Cornell. He grew up in New York taking care of his brother in a small house. I enjoyed this class lecture. As said in the video he is a self trained artist who made his art in boxes. These boxes were an “adventure” in a box; each one specifically made with a theme and design.



After doing further research of him i have found that he is an interesting person. He lived in a quaint little house devoting his life to take care of his brother. His brother had Cerebral Palsy so he was home most of the time, and weary of strangers he was always alone. Even though he was alone I feel like his mind was exploding with ideas for his art. I feel like living in his little house is what inspired him to make these boxes. He found art in thing people might not even consider art and he turned it into an experience.

This art, locked behind glass, was his way of giving us an experience. The story told to us about his neighbor that used to borrow these boxes from him is the best example. I would have loved to have handled one of these with absolute care. I really enjoy art that has a physical essence to it;something you can enjoy with more than just your eyes.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on the 4th season of Torchwood. I’ve been out of town lately because of a wedding and I’m finally at a house with internet so that’s cool.  I enjoyed being out of wifi and cell service the last week. It felt great to be off the grid.


3d chairs and my pet squid.

Screenshot (1)So this weeks activity is was to make a chair in 3D. I’m not allowed to use my old sac state ID to log onto their server and use solid works, so I’m super glad I can use Minecraft for this. I’m obviously not very good with Minecraft however lol.

this is what my main inspiration :

imagesOddly, curves are really weird with cubes. hahah.
This was interesting for me. ususally when I used to play minecraft with my friends I was just trying to survive but building certain objects was fun. I think I might get back into minecraft.

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (4)Here’s some more views of my chair. I made it all out of cotton so I feel like it’s really comfortable. I put it it in the middle of the water pointing west so you can watch the sunset over my minecraft world.

Screenshot (7)

And this is my squid Steve who hung out with me as I built him a cotton chair.


Picture lock :)

So I’m editing an decided to stop cutting stuff out. It’s down to 4:53.

If I didn’t have two monitors I’d cry. I run Premiere on both or After Effects on one with YouTube on the other. Having 12 logical cores on this comp doesn’t slow me down at all. I also feel like I’m out of anime’s I need new ones.

Here’s a preview of the coloring I’m doing, due tomorrow. And also enjoying some System of a Down lol.
Screenshot (46)

In other news, I was at a party last night and tried to light a stoge on the stove for this lady, didn’t have a lighter and I almost burned my eyebrows off. Don’t play with fire when you’re drunk kids. :)

EDIT: here’s an extremely large gif of steph stealing someones money and picking her weapon back up.

 photo Sequence-02_zpsintumalg.gif

My current projects

So It’s actually quite nice writing in here about what I’m doing. I feel like all I do nowadays is sit in my room all day and not talking to anyone. It’d be nice to move my editing computer to my porch but carrying a water-cooled computer by yourself is freaking impossible. BUT water-cooling makes it so rediculously quiet that the breeze outside my window is louder than my computer at full load. :) no humming or squealing from shitty comp fans.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways my current projects:

Screenshot (41)Title: Darkness
I’m assistant director, assistant editor, and probably going to do all the sound crap.
I have until June 10th to finish this with the editor so that’s okay, not enough time, that’s for sure, but we’ll finish.

Screenshot (42)Title: I guess this is who I am now…
I’m writer, Director, Editor, and sound. I’m totally ecstatic about how my cinematographer was able to capture this. The picture lock and sub-final draft due in like 2 days, FUCK.

I’m also working on two other projects but being just editor on them I am not allowed to show you anything. :P

I really enjoy editing serious stories like this because it’s a new genre for me. Everyone loves comedy and I feel like comedy is a little easier to make. To make a compelling story however, is super freaking hard. But I love it. I love this so much. Someone gives me raw footage, a script and a dream in their head of what they want. I take all of that raw footage and turn it into a world where it can exist and where that story can bloom. Every single cut length and sound and even color correction drastically changes the feeling the viewer has. The ability to stack all of these things onto a viewer and forcing the viewer to feel some kind of emotion over a, well essentially a, fake world is just amazing.