Serverus Ares Is born.


That was anti-climactic. It looks the same but the computer performance is incredibly different.

here’s some specs

  • fx-6300 6 core processor
  • 4gb ddr3 1600mhz ram
  • mushkin 60gb SSD
  • some cheap 300 watt power supply

So when it comes to compute difference between the two servers, I scored pretty okay on cinebench. Here’s a list of processors I’ve personally tested and their scores:

  • Serverus Ares – 406
  • amd a10 5800k – 259
  • 4770k(stock clock) – 720ish
  • 4790k(stock clock) – 805
  • my personal computer – 1259
  • Serverus Alexandria – literally couldn’t even open the app. LMAO. so somewhere around 10-20

The bright side is that the I don’t have to upgrade the storage because it goes fast enough for storage. I’m pretty Impressed with this cpu so far. I stressed it under aida64 and it ran to a full temp of 60 degrees. It idles at 14 degrees but amd cpu’s are known to be around 10 degrees off under 30 degrees anyways. The power consumption is so low its mind boggling. 38 watts at full load… what. That’s so insanely low its stupid. It’s also turbo boosting to 4.1ghz…. sometimes. My cheap ass power supply’s 12 volt rail drops to 11.7 volts when under full cpu load. I think this is what’s stopping the cpu from ramping up. I suppose this is what i get for buying a cheap power supply. A drop in voltage that far with < 15 percent of its rated load? what. my power supply in my main computer its at 12.096 volts even if my cpu and gpu are at full load.( > 350 watts).

The ssd kind of cracked me up. I bought it because it was 36$ and was in a nice small size for os and a few apps. It’s speeds are 273MB/s read, 67MB/s write. This just makes me laugh because I’ve been so spoiled by premium hardware. My personal computer has 10 times the read and 25 times the write speed. BUT I have to remember this IS a server. This ssd stays icy cold and I hope it’ll be more reliable in that.

The ram is ram i suppose. With 4 game servers on it I sit at 93% ram load. lol. I feel like I should buy more but I mean It’s never fills it and it only gets that high when there is a bunch of traffic.

The fans are hilarious. There are 4 of them (2 for each server) at 100% speed 24 hours a day. I feel this is necessary. They do make my living room sound like the inside of a leafblower but I’m never in there. I’m always here. In my room. Both servers stay under room temperature under minimum load so that’s good.

The blue lights on the front are silly. My kitchen is bright blue at night. so bright that I don’t need to turn a light on to walk around.

Here’s some server tests



So it’s still in beta I suppose. I’m working on a way to run these separate game servers a little better. In testing, players are getting almost 0 packet-loss so that’s perfect.

In other news, I still haven’t found a way to access the servers from my school network. which is annoying because even on this little server, between my friends and I, there ARE people on it 24/7. There is always someone there and I don’t want to disappoint them with a shitty experience. I have to hotspot my phone to get to my servers. I’ve even tried to vpn around the school… nope blocked. The other day, there was a kid next to me in my graphics design class on 4chan… and i can’t check a fucking game server… WHATWDHOIF:AOIJFBOUJAEfba.

whatever. I started to check using a nice website called uptime robot and it polls my servers every 5 minutes and emails me when they go down. FOR FREEEee

I know that sometime in the next 4 months or so I will need to upgrade the storage server. I have access to a 4 core amd cpu and mobo BUT either I take it or it goes to a friend that needs a gaming computer. So I’ll just upgrade. I know it’ll be expensive because in minimum I would need at least 2 drives (for raid 1) and I want idealy 4 drives (for raid 10).( or you know… 8 drives for raid 50). I also would need a raid card. I need a UPS just in case theres a power outage. UGH money.

someone donate to me plz. lol

final thoughts: I think this server will be fine. I don’t think I’ll have to upgrade it for a while. the cpu is at stock clock and sits at 5% load for 12 hours then 40% load for the other 12 every day.

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