Serverus Alexandria gets an upgrade.

So until the parts get here for the more powerful server, Here’s the upgrade for the storage server.

My new cases came early so I decided to get the older server out of the way. Heres a pic:


The first thing I did was take out the old hardware and Dust it off. After about 10 pounds of dust came off, it looked pretty good. here’s more pics



So I was totally going to put the useless IDE cd drive in but I got lazy.

Case Pros:

  • Cheap as hell
  • pretty well made
  • comes with all hardware
  • can fit 2 HDD’s and 2 SSD’s
  • can fit 2 useless CD drives

Case Cons:

  • can only fit 2 HDD’s even though you can stick them in the cd bays. i guess

Pretty good case. I’m glad I got 2 of these for my systems. I also needed a cheap way to measure how long the servers are on so I bought some cheap Hour meters on amazon. they’re the ones you stick on generators and stuff to measure how long they have been running lol. I calculated that server has been running for 12,000 hours so far. I think that’s pretty amazing for something I got for free.

One more thing. usually places that you mount ATX power supplies let you mount upward and downward. Not in this case (lol pun). I had to 3m tape the power supply face down so the 24 pin power connector would reach far enough. Whatever, it worked anyways lol.


here it is in the temporary sitting place until I get my rails to mount it. That led on the front lights up my entire living room so I’ll probably darken it. Can’t wait to have both running.

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