The failed upgrade that almost killed my server.

So Serverus 1.0 is my beloved storage server running in my hallway. After running for a month 24/7, I got tired of it’s super slow single core processor. So I went on eBay and bid on a processor for a dollar that was a dual core.


And I know someday I’ll build a better server but a dollar for a dual core was totally worth it. The problem is that AMD made that exact processor for 2 different sockets. Socket 939 and socket am2. Here’s a pic:


As you can see, the difference was only 1 pin so worth the risk for a dollar. The seller didn’t specify what socket it was for.

Here’s where I got lazy.
I shoulda just looked at the cpu when I got it. I didn’t. I pulled out the original cpu. and it was stuck to the cpu cooler because the thermal paste was cured. This always happens. I tried to fit the new cpu in, didn’t fit, awe well. Time to put the old one back it.

I FUCKING LEFT THE RETENTION ARM DOWN. (with the retention arm down the cpu cannot fall into the socket and just sits on top of it).
I sat the cpu down like an idiot and tightened down the cooler. Then it wouldn’t boot. Tried a bunch of different things and just couldn’t get it to post. I turned the cpu over and my dumb mistake flattened 17 pins…

Pretty much means dead cpu.
So, since I didn’t want to go without a server, I broke out my smallest flat screwdriver and started straitening pins. I’ve heard of people bending a pin or 2 and it was fixable but 17 scared me. dead cpu either way so worth a try.

I should have took a pic when it happened, didn’t think of that, So pretend like you know what I’m talking about. After like a half an hour of pin bending i was able to shake the cpu into place. The bios posted and it was up and running. Stuck the cooler back on and put it back in the hallway.

I am still crazy surprised I was able to fix it. I should probably pay more attention to ebay before bidding. And probably should have payed attention the the retention arm. I just forgot about it because once the thermal paste cures, it rips the cpu out of the socket when you take the cooler out.

This is why I like Intel. Because I’m lazy and forgetful. and the pins are socket-side and not cpu-side.

Have a good day. Don’t be lazy.

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