My school’s shitty network

So I’m not going to hide what school I’m attending. It would be smart to not say so I don’t get in trouble; on the off chance they see this they might change some things.

Anyways. there are a few network things that should be fixed.

First. There are like 4 wireless networks and 2 wired networks. The 4 wireless ones all on the same channels

Screenshot_2015-08-31-18-37-06 I take it back, there’s like 90 freaking networks. I understand they are making it so you get signal wherever you go but that barely works anyways. I am glad they upgraded because even if you were able to get signal you only got about 3 mbits down and 0.5 up. That was fucking torture. I’m a film major, uploading large files wasn’t an option unless I was home.

Speaking of signal. I’m pretty sure the parking pass machines work off of the wifi. I tried to pay for parking today and it said it was offline. I feel like that’s a normal thing because I can’t even load Facebook on my phone in the school parking lot. I couldn’t pay for a pass today so I probably got a parking ticket.

Another problem they have is blocking unnecessary things. I use RDP to connect to my home computer wherever I am. I also use a TeamSpeak server to message and talk to friends. I kind of understand blocking RDP so I cant connect to a home computer and go on social networks in class. EXCEPT I can load any social network on the schools network anyways. I even tested IT FUCKING LOADS. What in the world are they scared of me doing if I connect to a home computer.

I tried another thing. I tried to RDP from a school computer to my laptop that was on school wifi, Didn’t work.

I called the network help center at my school to ask them why it is like that, Especially since every mac computer here has RDP installed anyways. The man told me that to access RDP and it’s open ports, I need to have a secured access to the network. I asked him how. He said that students are not allowed to have secured accounts…

So the student computers can load fucking porn but I can’t load my own computer to render on instead of the shitty computers they give us. Awesome. The University I used to go to didn’t give a shit what you did on the school network.

One final thing that pisses me off. Now, you cannot send emails on the school network. That’s more sad then annoying I suppose. here’s a pic


Yeah. Have a good day.

One more thing. Why does this classroom only have 2 sets of plugs in it? My computer only goes a few hours on a charge. I suppose that’s not their fault though

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