Making this an actual website.

I’d love to provide before & after photos but I’ve been working on certain parts of this website over the last few months and never took photos before.

So the first thing I noticed was that my banner photo looked fine when viewed in 1920 pixel width on a computer (90% of website traffic). But when viewed vertically on a cellphone it looked weird. My title also acted weird. A few weeks ago I changed it to a fan art photo of one of my favorite shows;the artist posted the vector image for free use so i used it also. It loos like this now:

Screenshot (16)1920 width on a computer

d219455dbe9f6dc29f53ae2ec8af29f93840 width in 4k or ultrawide monitors

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-141920 width on a cell phone(landscape)

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-051080 width on a cell phone(portrait)

Another thing I did to the site was make the 1st page an empty title page, sorta like a sticky. I did this when I first designed the website. I did this so after the title and banner there’s a white divider then it shows my posts. as you can see by the first photo in this post. To me it looks like this:
It has an edit option cause it’s technically a title card. It bothers me but only I can see it. This site is also set to go to that title card when first visited at or when clicking the banner. this way you end up navigating exactly where I want you to.

In the sidebar on the right there is a better navigation center, I took out all the useless options that litterally noby will ever use

Another thing I do to every post is disable sharing options because I feel as small as my viewership is at the moment, it isn’t worth the bulk at the bottom of my page. I also categorize everything. I oddly send links to people often. I never realized that having a place to host my ideas or explanations for things would be so nice. In the future , when my year licence runs out on this domain ill probably move it over to square space. I’m not a big fan of WordPress but it is really easy so ill give it that.

I feel like the end of my page is totally out of order but it isn’t something I’m allowed to change.
Current order:

  1. an ad(seriously?)
  2. reblog/like
  3. related
  4. previous/next post
  5. leave a reply
  6. recent posts.

This makes no sense. It should be

  1. leave a reply
  2. like/reblog
  3. previous/next post
  4. related
  5. recent

This way it’s more intuitive and makes sense.

Another thing I never do is post a photo to the side of words. It looks okay on a computer but the second you are on mobile you get this weird text problem. The photo takes priority and the words get cut off or split and that’s annoying.

I know I cuss and stuff in my blog. I know some individuals may not like that. I’m sorry. I however have never worked in a professional place where I can’t cuss talking to coworkers and stuff. I understand not cussing around customers but I have no desire to work at a place where I cannot use my normal vocabulary. (lol double negative) . A lot of my blog is inspired by the devblog by on . He talks to you like he is talking to YOU. It’s personal, its perfect. He uses a lot of photos and he isn’t afraid of telling his opinion.

The biggest thing that annoys me is that there are like 8 color options for my accents. All links on this page and all buttons at the bottom of this page are some weird ass salmon color. 8 “free” colors not containing a purple but containing 3 different versions of puke green? awesome.

I also assume there’s an ad at the bottom of my page.
5d4d607d15c7c295e4bb7d9f40db41d7Cool. I pay for my site and MY domain and they still put ads on my page. That’s ridiculous. As you can see I have to use adblock on MY OWN FREAKING WEBSITE WTF DUDE. Remember my post about my Serverus 1.0? I suppose I can host my website on it myself. Thanks for viewing guys :)

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