Class ideas I liked, and do I like Slack?

Top three activities (not in order)

  1. Game design (3d vr chair).
    This I thought was interesting. I suppose it might have been harder for people who don’t have a game they can design things in. I have Minecraft, and access to Solidworks. It’s funny how minecraft is so much easier and less time consuming than an actual 3d modeling program lol.
  2. Web design/ePortfolio
    I enjoyed this. It’s important in our technological world to have a piece of property or real estate. Internet is 100% a part of our lives and even using it as a hosting platform is useful
  3. Geocaching
    Even though I just said the internet is important. It is still good to go outside. Oddly an outdoor activity made better through the work of the internet

Bottom three activities

  1. architecture &urban planning
    I don’t feel like this was of much use. I did have fun doing it, i admit. The thing is, the extremely big architecture projects going on in the world nowadays are for big buildings and stadiums. There are plenty of plans for fixing neighborhoods but they are concepts.
  2. Drawing
    I kept getting the ouiji vibe when I did this. and it seems like a hoax
  3. those are kinda the only 2

Now when it comes to slack. As a person that hasn’t had to use beachboard I wouldn’t really know how bad it is. My roommate sure complains about it alot. Slack however is easy to use and kinda just works.  I like it because it’s simple. There are some problems, if I type lack into my address bar it asks me to sign up instead of just bringing me to my slack groups. I’m logged in already just take me where I want to go. If i type in ‘slack bea’ it takes me to slack beacharts. so i feel like it just needs a few bug fixes.

Interesting that slack was evaluated at $2.8 billion though.


kinda sad this is the last time I get to use this gif though :( Glenn you can use it if you want. lol

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