My new server thing.

So I made a server called Serverus 1.0 . I made it out of a computer my parents were throwing out.. so free.
And before you ask its not a Harry Potter reference, its named after a 3 headed dog called a Cerberus.

like this:

I take it back, like this:

Anyways here she is! Look how cute she is :D

IMG_20150805_003212 IMG_20150809_212838oh and BTW, that card in the pci slot, its a freaking dial up network card LMAO.

It has a Single core AMD processor that came out in 2006 (lol). It has only 1 gig of DDR2 ram (lol).
Its been running constantly for about 7 days under load and seems to be doing fine. I’m currently not running a VPN but I don’t really care if this computer gets hacked, there’s nothing important on it.
I’m using it to host a teamspeak server cause i have like 6 friends who pay monthly to get their servers hosted when I can host it myself.. for free… well minus electricity, but its a computer that has no monitor or keyboard or mouse.

I currently use RDP to control it with my main computer which is awesome on two monitors:
Screenshot (75)It’s super cool having windows 7 pro on one screen and windows 10 pro on the other. lol. It’s also funny seeing task manager comparison. Check out how the server has ONE core and my main computer has 12 lmao.

This is definitely a temporary solution for now. Serverus will be a 6 core cpu @4.1 ghz with 8gb of DDR3 ram and  2 2TB harddrives in RAID 1. It’ll also be rackmounted into my closet with all of the other networking things. That is all in the future however because that upgrade will take about $450. (not bad though)

Future Work on the Server:

  1. 6 core cpu @4.1ghz (I’m so glad single core computers aren’t a thing anymore)
  2. MOOOAR RAM (cause I run out extremely fast)
  3. SSD boot and 2 NAS HDD’s in raid 1
  4. A rack mount cause (cause this thing is litterally sitting in the middle of my hallway on the floor lol)

Future programs to test on the server:

  1. Minecraft server
  2. modded Minecraft server
  3. CS:GO server at 128 tick to host at least 10 people.
  4. VM’s for everyone in the house(so they can log on from anywhere in the world and get files for school and stuff)

Future networking things I need to do.(In 6 months when I move back to Sacramento):

  1. Move to a server grade wired router
  2. Install a gigabit switch
  3. move EVERYTHING to a closet cause fans are loud
  4. Run cat6 ethernet cables everywhere(2 to my room, 2 to Dylan’s, 1 to Jacob’s, 1 to Drews’s, 2 to the living room, 4 to other places)
  5. run ethernet cables to the 5 shitty WiFi routers me and my friends have to use as access points (this way if the wifi is down it doesn’t hinder the rest of the network we just have to reset that certain WiFi router.
  6. Run all network though a VPN cause by then there’ll be private info on it.

Thinking about it now there’ll be 19 network cables and a coaxial cable going into this closet in my house lolol.

One comment

  1. Glenn Zucman · August 13, 2015

    So awesome!

    Great work!! :D


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