Aaron Swartz

What an interesting man that i never knew about.


So this man is named Aaron Swartz. He was born in Chicago in 1986. He started his internet life very young. He was a developer for the RSS feed program and Reddit. He also helped write the Creative Commons licence.

The full documentary is here:

What made him special was how he believed information should be shared on the internet. He ended up being known as a hacktivist. As bad as the connotation of that sounds, he had an amazing purpose. He believed that the information of mankind shouldn’t be behind a pay-wall. He ended up spending 6 months in jail for walking onto the MIT campus and installing a computer in the closet to download academic journals form the internet.

Amongst other things, I find it amazing that hackers that hack maliciously even gave him a tribute after he died. They hacked mit the same way he did and installed online banners that said R.I.P. Aaron Swartz. Seems as though even if you fight fire with fire, you’re still fighting for the same thing.

He ended up looking at 35 years of jail time and a million dollar fine.

Sadly he mysteriously died in January of 2013.

Rest In Peace Man.


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