So I went Geocaching

So this week I went Geocaching, if you don’t know what that is click here.

In my area there were a bunch of them LOOK

I went to this one. It was awesome, It has been there since 2009 and there had to be around 250 names in it. I couldn’t take a photo of it cause that would ruin the surprise so I took a photo of the view.

Great view and a prize. although if you go to this, don’t wear flip flops like I did. LOL

So I made one. this is it


I used an old box I had and put some prizes in it. Totally not telling because you have to find it. I put it somewhere in this photo:

If you find it, enjoy.

Side note: this definitely relates to games. In Skyrim there’s this dude named Noster Eagle-Eye (lol) and he lost his helmet in a cave and he tells you to go find it. Spoilers: he gives you the Helmet.


thats him!, do his Geocache. lol


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