My school’s shitty network

So I’m not going to hide what school I’m attending. It would be smart to not say so I don’t get in trouble; on the off chance they see this they might change some things.

Anyways. there are a few network things that should be fixed.

First. There are like 4 wireless networks and 2 wired networks. The 4 wireless ones all on the same channels

Screenshot_2015-08-31-18-37-06 I take it back, there’s like 90 freaking networks. I understand they are making it so you get signal wherever you go but that barely works anyways. I am glad they upgraded because even if you were able to get signal you only got about 3 mbits down and 0.5 up. That was fucking torture. I’m a film major, uploading large files wasn’t an option unless I was home.

Speaking of signal. I’m pretty sure the parking pass machines work off of the wifi. I tried to pay for parking today and it said it was offline. I feel like that’s a normal thing because I can’t even load Facebook on my phone in the school parking lot. I couldn’t pay for a pass today so I probably got a parking ticket.

Another problem they have is blocking unnecessary things. I use RDP to connect to my home computer wherever I am. I also use a TeamSpeak server to message and talk to friends. I kind of understand blocking RDP so I cant connect to a home computer and go on social networks in class. EXCEPT I can load any social network on the schools network anyways. I even tested IT FUCKING LOADS. What in the world are they scared of me doing if I connect to a home computer.

I tried another thing. I tried to RDP from a school computer to my laptop that was on school wifi, Didn’t work.

I called the network help center at my school to ask them why it is like that, Especially since every mac computer here has RDP installed anyways. The man told me that to access RDP and it’s open ports, I need to have a secured access to the network. I asked him how. He said that students are not allowed to have secured accounts…

So the student computers can load fucking porn but I can’t load my own computer to render on instead of the shitty computers they give us. Awesome. The University I used to go to didn’t give a shit what you did on the school network.

One final thing that pisses me off. Now, you cannot send emails on the school network. That’s more sad then annoying I suppose. here’s a pic


Yeah. Have a good day.

One more thing. Why does this classroom only have 2 sets of plugs in it? My computer only goes a few hours on a charge. I suppose that’s not their fault though

Class ideas I liked, and do I like Slack?

Top three activities (not in order)

  1. Game design (3d vr chair).
    This I thought was interesting. I suppose it might have been harder for people who don’t have a game they can design things in. I have Minecraft, and access to Solidworks. It’s funny how minecraft is so much easier and less time consuming than an actual 3d modeling program lol.
  2. Web design/ePortfolio
    I enjoyed this. It’s important in our technological world to have a piece of property or real estate. Internet is 100% a part of our lives and even using it as a hosting platform is useful
  3. Geocaching
    Even though I just said the internet is important. It is still good to go outside. Oddly an outdoor activity made better through the work of the internet

Bottom three activities

  1. architecture &urban planning
    I don’t feel like this was of much use. I did have fun doing it, i admit. The thing is, the extremely big architecture projects going on in the world nowadays are for big buildings and stadiums. There are plenty of plans for fixing neighborhoods but they are concepts.
  2. Drawing
    I kept getting the ouiji vibe when I did this. and it seems like a hoax
  3. those are kinda the only 2

Now when it comes to slack. As a person that hasn’t had to use beachboard I wouldn’t really know how bad it is. My roommate sure complains about it alot. Slack however is easy to use and kinda just works.  I like it because it’s simple. There are some problems, if I type lack into my address bar it asks me to sign up instead of just bringing me to my slack groups. I’m logged in already just take me where I want to go. If i type in ‘slack bea’ it takes me to slack beacharts. so i feel like it just needs a few bug fixes.

Interesting that slack was evaluated at $2.8 billion though.


kinda sad this is the last time I get to use this gif though :( Glenn you can use it if you want. lol

Andy Warhol

I’m not going to lie, I am struggling to try to not make this a typical summary of a famous artist.

So this man. Mr. Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol 1983, printed 1990 Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989 ARTIST ROOMS  Acquired jointly with the National Galleries of Scotland through The d'Offay Donation with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Art Fund 2008

Andy Warhol 1983, printed 1990 Robert Mapplethorpe 1946-1989 ARTIST ROOMS Acquired jointly with the National Galleries of Scotland through The d’Offay Donation with assistance from the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Art Fund 2008


He is an artist born in 1928 in Pittsburgh. This extremely popular artist is most known by his huge collection of pop art. His most expensive painting ‘Silver car crash’ sold for 105 million US dollars. His most known work is most likely the Campbell’s soup can or his paintings of Marylin Monroe. Those are the staple of art books and dorm decorations.



You know all of these picture effect thingies that media apps have to edit photos, instagram, snapchat, even iPhoto have a Warhol filter. That’s how relevant he still is.

What I like the most about him is what my instructor mentioned, that as famous as he was he still roamed the streets without bodyguards or safety.

As big as his name is I never knew that he was gay or that he made films. Glenn was right that these things were never really mentioned in his body of work. Apparently between 1963 and 68′ he made 60 films and over 500 ‘screen tests’.

Here’s a video:


Making this an actual website.

I’d love to provide before & after photos but I’ve been working on certain parts of this website over the last few months and never took photos before.

So the first thing I noticed was that my banner photo looked fine when viewed in 1920 pixel width on a computer (90% of website traffic). But when viewed vertically on a cellphone it looked weird. My title also acted weird. A few weeks ago I changed it to a fan art photo of one of my favorite shows;the artist posted the vector image for free use so i used it also. It loos like this now:

Screenshot (16)1920 width on a computer

d219455dbe9f6dc29f53ae2ec8af29f93840 width in 4k or ultrawide monitors

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-141920 width on a cell phone(landscape)

Screenshot_2015-08-16-18-53-051080 width on a cell phone(portrait)

Another thing I did to the site was make the 1st page an empty title page, sorta like a sticky. I did this when I first designed the website. I did this so after the title and banner there’s a white divider then it shows my posts. as you can see by the first photo in this post. To me it looks like this:
It has an edit option cause it’s technically a title card. It bothers me but only I can see it. This site is also set to go to that title card when first visited at or when clicking the banner. this way you end up navigating exactly where I want you to.

In the sidebar on the right there is a better navigation center, I took out all the useless options that litterally noby will ever use

Another thing I do to every post is disable sharing options because I feel as small as my viewership is at the moment, it isn’t worth the bulk at the bottom of my page. I also categorize everything. I oddly send links to people often. I never realized that having a place to host my ideas or explanations for things would be so nice. In the future , when my year licence runs out on this domain ill probably move it over to square space. I’m not a big fan of WordPress but it is really easy so ill give it that.

I feel like the end of my page is totally out of order but it isn’t something I’m allowed to change.
Current order:

  1. an ad(seriously?)
  2. reblog/like
  3. related
  4. previous/next post
  5. leave a reply
  6. recent posts.

This makes no sense. It should be

  1. leave a reply
  2. like/reblog
  3. previous/next post
  4. related
  5. recent

This way it’s more intuitive and makes sense.

Another thing I never do is post a photo to the side of words. It looks okay on a computer but the second you are on mobile you get this weird text problem. The photo takes priority and the words get cut off or split and that’s annoying.

I know I cuss and stuff in my blog. I know some individuals may not like that. I’m sorry. I however have never worked in a professional place where I can’t cuss talking to coworkers and stuff. I understand not cussing around customers but I have no desire to work at a place where I cannot use my normal vocabulary. (lol double negative) . A lot of my blog is inspired by the devblog by on . He talks to you like he is talking to YOU. It’s personal, its perfect. He uses a lot of photos and he isn’t afraid of telling his opinion.

The biggest thing that annoys me is that there are like 8 color options for my accents. All links on this page and all buttons at the bottom of this page are some weird ass salmon color. 8 “free” colors not containing a purple but containing 3 different versions of puke green? awesome.

I also assume there’s an ad at the bottom of my page.
5d4d607d15c7c295e4bb7d9f40db41d7Cool. I pay for my site and MY domain and they still put ads on my page. That’s ridiculous. As you can see I have to use adblock on MY OWN FREAKING WEBSITE WTF DUDE. Remember my post about my Serverus 1.0? I suppose I can host my website on it myself. Thanks for viewing guys :)

My new server thing.

So I made a server called Serverus 1.0 . I made it out of a computer my parents were throwing out.. so free.
And before you ask its not a Harry Potter reference, its named after a 3 headed dog called a Cerberus.

like this:

I take it back, like this:

Anyways here she is! Look how cute she is :D

IMG_20150805_003212 IMG_20150809_212838oh and BTW, that card in the pci slot, its a freaking dial up network card LMAO.

It has a Single core AMD processor that came out in 2006 (lol). It has only 1 gig of DDR2 ram (lol).
Its been running constantly for about 7 days under load and seems to be doing fine. I’m currently not running a VPN but I don’t really care if this computer gets hacked, there’s nothing important on it.
I’m using it to host a teamspeak server cause i have like 6 friends who pay monthly to get their servers hosted when I can host it myself.. for free… well minus electricity, but its a computer that has no monitor or keyboard or mouse.

I currently use RDP to control it with my main computer which is awesome on two monitors:
Screenshot (75)It’s super cool having windows 7 pro on one screen and windows 10 pro on the other. lol. It’s also funny seeing task manager comparison. Check out how the server has ONE core and my main computer has 12 lmao.

This is definitely a temporary solution for now. Serverus will be a 6 core cpu @4.1 ghz with 8gb of DDR3 ram and  2 2TB harddrives in RAID 1. It’ll also be rackmounted into my closet with all of the other networking things. That is all in the future however because that upgrade will take about $450. (not bad though)

Future Work on the Server:

  1. 6 core cpu @4.1ghz (I’m so glad single core computers aren’t a thing anymore)
  2. MOOOAR RAM (cause I run out extremely fast)
  3. SSD boot and 2 NAS HDD’s in raid 1
  4. A rack mount cause (cause this thing is litterally sitting in the middle of my hallway on the floor lol)

Future programs to test on the server:

  1. Minecraft server
  2. modded Minecraft server
  3. CS:GO server at 128 tick to host at least 10 people.
  4. VM’s for everyone in the house(so they can log on from anywhere in the world and get files for school and stuff)

Future networking things I need to do.(In 6 months when I move back to Sacramento):

  1. Move to a server grade wired router
  2. Install a gigabit switch
  3. move EVERYTHING to a closet cause fans are loud
  4. Run cat6 ethernet cables everywhere(2 to my room, 2 to Dylan’s, 1 to Jacob’s, 1 to Drews’s, 2 to the living room, 4 to other places)
  5. run ethernet cables to the 5 shitty WiFi routers me and my friends have to use as access points (this way if the wifi is down it doesn’t hinder the rest of the network we just have to reset that certain WiFi router.
  6. Run all network though a VPN cause by then there’ll be private info on it.

Thinking about it now there’ll be 19 network cables and a coaxial cable going into this closet in my house lolol.

Aaron Swartz

What an interesting man that i never knew about.


So this man is named Aaron Swartz. He was born in Chicago in 1986. He started his internet life very young. He was a developer for the RSS feed program and Reddit. He also helped write the Creative Commons licence.

The full documentary is here:

What made him special was how he believed information should be shared on the internet. He ended up being known as a hacktivist. As bad as the connotation of that sounds, he had an amazing purpose. He believed that the information of mankind shouldn’t be behind a pay-wall. He ended up spending 6 months in jail for walking onto the MIT campus and installing a computer in the closet to download academic journals form the internet.

Amongst other things, I find it amazing that hackers that hack maliciously even gave him a tribute after he died. They hacked mit the same way he did and installed online banners that said R.I.P. Aaron Swartz. Seems as though even if you fight fire with fire, you’re still fighting for the same thing.

He ended up looking at 35 years of jail time and a million dollar fine.

Sadly he mysteriously died in January of 2013.

Rest In Peace Man.


Landscapes with a corpse

So this week’s activity I had to make a body/landscape picture story.

I happen to live next door to a military place and that seemed to work out well for me.



I’m calling it “Tired of Fightin’ ”
I was trying to make the porch look like a jail cell. He’s stuck fighting and he doesn’t want to anymore. You can see the story from the photos pretty much.

in other news, you have no idea how awkward it is having those guns on my porch ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MILITARY. But as my cinematographer always told me “Anything for the shot”.


Vanessa Blaylock

This woman is a Virtual Public Artist.


I feel like that sounds different. Vanessa Blaylock is an artist that works through her avatar in a virtual world. As another student noted, “express their identity, explore their culture, and demand their civil rights” – @dominique She has works and events in the virtual world.

N is for Net / Work from Vanessa Blaylock on Vimeo.

Avatar Life in the 26 letters of the Alphabet
First 26 days of April 2014


Collaborative performance / installation by Betty Tureaud & Vaneeesa Blaylock. Installation at Gallery Xue / Kandahar facilitated by Xue Faith & Trill Zapatero. Wardrobe by Kai Heideman. Hair by Carina Larsen. Soundtrack by DJ Blue. Intro spoken word by Colin Mulcher. Full credits at

There’s a few different ways to look at her work. Of course She is doing good. It’s kind of hard for me to make an opinion about her work, because I really like to try to connect to the artists that I study. I do however really like a social movement online. I feel like the internet is a completely different world/planet itself and should be treated as such. Some would think that spending this much time for a social movement online is a waste of in real life time when you could have the social movement in real life. This is true but what if you can’t make it across the country to support your ideas? Online you can accomplish things without the travel or safety aspect of real life.

and there’s always the chance that it will spill over into real life. I personally don’t have a virtual avatar, but I’m writing about her, which means she has made her projects effect real life.

She is working in the perfect medium. She’s pushing a social movement in a world that promotes self expression.


So I went Geocaching

So this week I went Geocaching, if you don’t know what that is click here.

In my area there were a bunch of them LOOK

I went to this one. It was awesome, It has been there since 2009 and there had to be around 250 names in it. I couldn’t take a photo of it cause that would ruin the surprise so I took a photo of the view.

Great view and a prize. although if you go to this, don’t wear flip flops like I did. LOL

So I made one. this is it


I used an old box I had and put some prizes in it. Totally not telling because you have to find it. I put it somewhere in this photo:

If you find it, enjoy.

Side note: this definitely relates to games. In Skyrim there’s this dude named Noster Eagle-Eye (lol) and he lost his helmet in a cave and he tells you to go find it. Spoilers: he gives you the Helmet.


thats him!, do his Geocache. lol