Joseph DeLappe


This artist makes interesting works of art in or pertaining to the virtual world. Similar to our last artists, his art is sometimes taken well and taken poorly.


One of his works, “dead-in-Iraq” was a project started in 2006 where he posted in games the names of real soldiers who had died serving in Iraq. This brought a ton of responses with it. People were mad, confused, astounded, etc. This is a crazy idea, to push the reality of life into a completely fictional place. I can see people getting mad at it, whenever I play war games there’s always a really annoying guy that tries to be alpha. If anyone tries to emasculate them they get mad. If someone posted in the game chat about someone who was stronger and better.


This project was really cool. DeLappe Re-enacted Gandhi’s Salt March from 1930 in a virtual world called Second Life. He created this treadmill that controlled his character in-game so he walked with Gandhi for the full 240 miles. His avatar looked like Gandhi so many people caught on quick to his project.

I like these forms of art. These newer ideas go to show that there is no end to art.

side note, I do feel like “drones” have been getting a really bad rep lately. In this man’s case they are bad yes but in the US quadcopters and the like have been disgraced by media. I have 3 of them that I made like 3 years ago. Everyone thought they were cool back then .


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