My museum visit from 2012 (lol)

So this week I’ve been busy with a housing issue. Long story short after two weeks of appointments at houses and spending way to much time on the phone I resigned my lease where I’m already at… Seriously the most stressful two weeks of my life. but on the bright side I found a place to live like 2 days before I’d get kicked out of the place I’m at now.

because of this, I was unfortunately not able to go to a museum during museum week D:

So.. I’m gonna talk about my trip to the Musée d’Orsay in paris. (I know it’s not the same but I didn’t have much of a choice)

ANYWAYS. This is a museum south of the La Seine river in Paris, France. I went in the summer of 2012 with some friends and on our second day we passed by this museum and decided to check it out. As a big doctor who fan I realized this was from an episode I’d previously seen. This was a beautiful building with a huge glass ceiling letting in a ton of natural light. I did take pictures at the time but they are on a hard drive formatted for mac and I don’t have a mac computer anymore.

sidebar, is there any point in keeping my old photos if they are on a drive my computer can’t even read?

The two pieces I want to compare are the sculpture ‘David’ by Antonin Mercié


and the painting ‘The Shepherd Paris’ by Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Desmarais


These two works of art were made about a century apart. The reason I wanted to compare these are because they both have their time’s views of the human body.

The ‘David’ is interesting because It shows him sheathing a sword and standing on the Goliath head. which is odd because I’m pretty sure David shot a rock at him. LOL
either way I’m not very good at history.

‘The Shepard Paris’ shows a man that’s very cut and muscular, with his dog, presumably because he’s a Shepard.

The biggest difference between these is how they portrayed Man. ‘David’ is much more realistic, a small man that’s fit wearing his head-wrap. The other is more like when men were portrayed like gods. Both of these although very different give an intimidating feeling to the viewer. Both are men that look like or have slain monsters and taken down gods. So although both are completely different they both succeed in doing the same thing.


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