Eva and Franco Mattes


So these two. They were born in 1976, artist based from the epicenter of art, New York. They are interesting. The style of are that they make is sort-of alternative in style. Some of their art might not even want to be seen by people.


This seems like something sadistic or demented but it has more meaning than that. Its irony, it’s unexpected, its.. funny. Like Glenn mentioned, it’s Mickey, Someone who never has to see or deal with death/decomposing but serving it up in this piece.


Much of their art is based on this theory. I feel like this kind of art is necessary. It makes fun of and life and death and reality and the virtual. Another student said that they’re artist that don’t take themselves or their art to seriously, I like that. It’s nice to be able to go to an art exhibit and laugh at something and not get weird looks.


In this one all of the characters are dissecting Pooh. Another idea where characters that see happiness and laughter in their alter-egos.

When Franco Mattes talked about masks I think that really changed how I view games. I feel like that takes a lot because I play games a ton. A person wears a mask not to hide but to do the opposite. He talks about people’s avatars in a virtual world.

sidebar: I was watching a show with this girl in a virtual world who’s a cold blooded sniper. In the real world she was held at gunpoint when she was young and when the robber dropped his gun she took it and shot the man. Ever since then she’s been deathly scared or firearms. She talks about how she wishes she could be this strong in the real world and she feels like her and her avatar are different people who she wants to be the same. interesting really.

This mask idea was interesting, people wearing masks because that is their true self. When you design your avatar in a personal world you make that character as what you could be if that world was real. I played games where you make a character. Do you want a Bad-ass set of dragon wings? Fuck yeah I want a Bad-ass set of Dragon wings. If I could only have those in real life.

sidebar 2: Glenn mentioned the gas powered game console. I thought that was pretty interesting and funny. I’m on my computer, now that it’s summer, about 12 hours a day. I would die from asphyxiation the first day lol.


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