This week’s activity, to make an activity.

As a person in love with tech, im ironically really bad at Snapchat. I never really use it other than short chats with friends, which is why I didn’t want to post my Snapchat name in the roster.

Anyways, as a total noob to this app I think I have figured out the way to use it.

So as a college student in a shitty apartment I also have a pretty shitty view. I decided to vamp it up a bit. I added neighbors, colorful houses and trees


I’m sure there is an easier way to draw because it is damn hard to draw with my thumbs. hahaha I even put red likes flying off of a car that’s most definitely speeding (happens a lot here, the speed limit is 35 and people often think its 60 for some reason).

So in short, my idea is to take where you live(view or street etc.) and make it as colorful and exciting as you feel necessary. I actually got the idea of this from my friend Ty who takes pictures of things and draws all over them, like street-snapchat graffiti; his phone has a stylus so its easier for him. I think Snapchat art is interesting. To make something artistic that isn’t archived and is only enjoyed for 24 hours by a group of people that happened to see it. Interesting.

If anyone knows an easier way to do this please update me. haha

heres the before:


in other news, I’m a little late to this week’s homework because I binge watched a couple seasons of this anime.

… and by a couple seasons I mean 6 haha.


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