I wanna talk about a few games.

It has amazed me how far games have gotten in the past few years, and I mean in a visual sense. Screenshot (59)

This is a game called Rust. (It’s dev blog is at: http://playrust.com/ ). It is currently in alpha development but I pay it all the time with friends. this screenshot was taken at native res with all settings turned up. here’s a few more.

Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (53)

another game I play is Skyrim V. Although this game was released late 2011 there are still people out there making mods to keep this game up to date.

Here’s some examples of screenshots from google. (I’d post mine but since I play in fullscreen mode, I cant screenshot my games.

Now, these were rendered at what looks like 1920×1080. With newer graphics cards like Nvidia’s 900 series you can render games at a higher resolution and down-sample to fit on a normal monitor. When I play Skyrim I play at 3840×2160 which effectively quadruples the amount of pixels being pushed. This arguably making the picture 4 times better maybe. More pixels=more rendered=less sharp ugly lines=better picture.

I will admit, running modded Skyrim at 4k pins my GPU at 100% load and I stuggle to stay about 60fps. But damn is it worth it. Why should I go outdoors when I can see this .

So aslo, I play this game that we’ll call CS. I’ve always played video games but I’d never thought that I’d play one this much

I’ve had the game about a year and I’ve logged about 1100 hours

…there are about 8766 hours in a year.. so 12.5% of my last year, days and nights, were spent playing this. I need a life.

ANYWAYS, I enjoy this for a few reasons. First he gameplay is amazing. You play from start to halftime as a Counter-terrorist, trying to eliminate the terrorist before they plant the bomb or defuse it if they do, and the second half you do the opposite. It’s oddly very addictive. The game is played only online with other people with the same ranks as you. The rank system is very well developed. if you win a few times you rank up and if you lose a few you rank down. There is no experience points or anything. You play this game purely on skill.

This is even a game that is played in a worldwide league of signed men and women teams playing how hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(sidenote, my favoroite team CLG Red just won first place in women’s world competition :D)

There are also really… interesting conversations in this game. As with most videogames, they are primarily dominated by men so the conversations are very rude.

Enjoy this clip I made of my friends playing CS. WARNING, terrible language and women being called bitches and what-not. I don’t really talk much when I play I just listen.

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