Nikki S. Lee and how she broke identity down

This artist is amazing. I watched an hour long interview with her about how she started.

She is a Korean photographer born in 1970. She received a bachelors and masters degree in photography in New York. She started to wonder about her own identity and decided to do these projects where she explored other peoples lives. This idea became huge and she became a famous photographer.


Her idea was spending time with people from a completely different life as her and form into them, even her look, and she takes pictures with them. She isn’t the person taking the picture, she’s the subject similar to Victorine Meurent. In an interview She said she would spend about a month with her subjects but no longer because that identity would become too real.


She has done many projects like the Lesbian project, the Yuppie project, the Tourist project, and the Hip Hop project. Although her idea didn’t start out to make a message, just her trying to explore identity, it showed that a person’s identity isn’t black and white and can flow like sexuality.


Like other students mentioned, the picture style was also unique. Her photos are posed in a way that a normal person would take the picture. That further puts her in that identity. Regular people taking regular photos in their regular environment. It was genius.

In other news, in class we talked about 19th century artists and as a big fan of Vincent van Gogh it reminded me of this scene in Doctor Who. When I visited this museum it was awesome because I’ve been wanting to go since I saw this episode.

…not going to lie I might have cried a bit ahhahahahha

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