Redesigning Redding

So I’ve decided to redesign Redding,Ca. I’m not home this week so ill work on the town I’m in. I lived around Redding for 10 years before I lived in long beach so I still consider this home. This city its in the extreme north of California about 100 miles south of the Oregon border.

Screenshot (10)

Now the reason I want to redesign this ENTIRE city and not just a neighborhood is because it has the worst layout imaginable. The city is so spread out that it takes a good 20 minutes at freeway speeds to get from one side of the city to the other.
According to google, Redding has a population of 91,000 and a size of 61 sqmi. If you compare that to Long Beach,for example, it has a population of 469,000 and a size of 51 sqmi. That is almost 5 times as spread out. I went to the tallest place around redding to try to get an aerial view and this is what I got.

As you can see it is so spread out all you can see is trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees, I think it should be the city of trees instead of Sacramento. I feel like most people have never lived in a city where trees outnumber people and that’s actually really bad. The problem that Redding has is there is 1 main road called Cypress Ave. going East/West. and I5 going north/south. For a city with this many people that isn’t enough and since it is so spread everyone uses those roads. The traffic is terrible there.

If this city was designed closer together many positives would come out of it. Travel time would get cut down. Gas would be less used. People might even walk to work.

To redesign this city I used a game I’ve been playing for a while. Its called City Skylines. Why design a city when I can study it’s layout down to things like traffic problems, recreation, even garbage routes.

A circle style city, its perfect. Everything exactly where you need it in the shortest possible route.

i attempted to recreate the photo above

Screenshot (11)

almost 190,000 population even a lake like in Redding. The original idea of the Atoll style city was designed by a guy named Drizzle on steam.

In other news, the city ended up going bankrupt and crime rate skyrocketed. Interesting really.


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