Ouija Board Drawing

So this week my activity is to draw with a partner Ouija board style. My partner today is my friend Dylan.

This is us. I’ve known Dylan for years and years so i feel like we’d make some awesome stuff. It was interesting. We drank a bit before so it was really hard to not laugh the entire time. Once we did start drawing it did seem like it started to draw itself. Dylan wanted to speed the process up because he was watching ncis. lol


As you can see we are not very good at this teamwork thing. But we did it. I however enjoy the car we ended up drawing. Interesting really cause I used to work at an auto shop with Dylan. Well I feel like it’s a car, what do you think? I suppose maybe a sombrero.


Joseph DeLappe


This artist makes interesting works of art in or pertaining to the virtual world. Similar to our last artists, his art is sometimes taken well and taken poorly.


One of his works, “dead-in-Iraq” was a project started in 2006 where he posted in games the names of real soldiers who had died serving in Iraq. This brought a ton of responses with it. People were mad, confused, astounded, etc. This is a crazy idea, to push the reality of life into a completely fictional place. I can see people getting mad at it, whenever I play war games there’s always a really annoying guy that tries to be alpha. If anyone tries to emasculate them they get mad. If someone posted in the game chat about someone who was stronger and better.


This project was really cool. DeLappe Re-enacted Gandhi’s Salt March from 1930 in a virtual world called Second Life. He created this treadmill that controlled his character in-game so he walked with Gandhi for the full 240 miles. His avatar looked like Gandhi so many people caught on quick to his project.

I like these forms of art. These newer ideas go to show that there is no end to art.

side note, I do feel like “drones” have been getting a really bad rep lately. In this man’s case they are bad yes but in the US quadcopters and the like have been disgraced by media. I have 3 of them that I made like 3 years ago. Everyone thought they were cool back then .


Eva and Franco Mattes


So these two. They were born in 1976, artist based from the epicenter of art, New York. They are interesting. The style of are that they make is sort-of alternative in style. Some of their art might not even want to be seen by people.


This seems like something sadistic or demented but it has more meaning than that. Its irony, it’s unexpected, its.. funny. Like Glenn mentioned, it’s Mickey, Someone who never has to see or deal with death/decomposing but serving it up in this piece.


Much of their art is based on this theory. I feel like this kind of art is necessary. It makes fun of and life and death and reality and the virtual. Another student said that they’re artist that don’t take themselves or their art to seriously, I like that. It’s nice to be able to go to an art exhibit and laugh at something and not get weird looks.


In this one all of the characters are dissecting Pooh. Another idea where characters that see happiness and laughter in their alter-egos.

When Franco Mattes talked about masks I think that really changed how I view games. I feel like that takes a lot because I play games a ton. A person wears a mask not to hide but to do the opposite. He talks about people’s avatars in a virtual world.

sidebar: I was watching a show with this girl in a virtual world who’s a cold blooded sniper. In the real world she was held at gunpoint when she was young and when the robber dropped his gun she took it and shot the man. Ever since then she’s been deathly scared or firearms. She talks about how she wishes she could be this strong in the real world and she feels like her and her avatar are different people who she wants to be the same. interesting really.

This mask idea was interesting, people wearing masks because that is their true self. When you design your avatar in a personal world you make that character as what you could be if that world was real. I played games where you make a character. Do you want a Bad-ass set of dragon wings? Fuck yeah I want a Bad-ass set of Dragon wings. If I could only have those in real life.

sidebar 2: Glenn mentioned the gas powered game console. I thought that was pretty interesting and funny. I’m on my computer, now that it’s summer, about 12 hours a day. I would die from asphyxiation the first day lol.


My museum visit from 2012 (lol)

So this week I’ve been busy with a housing issue. Long story short after two weeks of appointments at houses and spending way to much time on the phone I resigned my lease where I’m already at… Seriously the most stressful two weeks of my life. but on the bright side I found a place to live like 2 days before I’d get kicked out of the place I’m at now.

because of this, I was unfortunately not able to go to a museum during museum week D:

So.. I’m gonna talk about my trip to the Musée d’Orsay in paris. (I know it’s not the same but I didn’t have much of a choice)

ANYWAYS. This is a museum south of the La Seine river in Paris, France. I went in the summer of 2012 with some friends and on our second day we passed by this museum and decided to check it out. As a big doctor who fan I realized this was from an episode I’d previously seen. This was a beautiful building with a huge glass ceiling letting in a ton of natural light. I did take pictures at the time but they are on a hard drive formatted for mac and I don’t have a mac computer anymore.

sidebar, is there any point in keeping my old photos if they are on a drive my computer can’t even read?

The two pieces I want to compare are the sculpture ‘David’ by Antonin Mercié


and the painting ‘The Shepherd Paris’ by Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Desmarais


These two works of art were made about a century apart. The reason I wanted to compare these are because they both have their time’s views of the human body.

The ‘David’ is interesting because It shows him sheathing a sword and standing on the Goliath head. which is odd because I’m pretty sure David shot a rock at him. LOL
either way I’m not very good at history.

‘The Shepard Paris’ shows a man that’s very cut and muscular, with his dog, presumably because he’s a Shepard.

The biggest difference between these is how they portrayed Man. ‘David’ is much more realistic, a small man that’s fit wearing his head-wrap. The other is more like when men were portrayed like gods. Both of these although very different give an intimidating feeling to the viewer. Both are men that look like or have slain monsters and taken down gods. So although both are completely different they both succeed in doing the same thing.


Janet Cardiff and her Walks

I’ve been waiting for a video artist like this for a while. Janet Cardiff makes videos and audio tracks that take you on a “tour” through an area. It sounds simple but she’s done it in a very thought out way that makes her works amazing. Her walks take you on a journey through not just your time but her time recording and even her memories in that area. She perfectly stacks 3 different timezones into a work of art worthy of fame

This was the video posted for my class. She has 25 works on her website to view also. I like how in this video A man played her video at the same time as recording his, giving people at home a way to see what watching her tour is like. She has a very interesting way of guiding the viewer. She sounds very relaxed and she walks to each point. She also doesn’t wait for you to catch up. It’s the opposite of a traditional tour, making it feel personal and strong.

She also talks about memories or, like in the above video, she points herself out and talks about the night before. Memories seem to be a reoccurring thing in her work. when you think about it, if you’ve every showed somebody around somewhere you always say something along the lines of, “Oh yeah and this is where I did that one thing.” She talks to YOU the viewer and nobody else.

As I said above, she’s about to match different times together. What I meant by that is the time you are there with the time she was recording with the time in her memories. She is able to combine these but still make a Walk that is calming and intriguing.

I think what’s the greatest part of what she does is that it makes you think in your free time. A couple other students talked about how they walked somewhere and thought of her work like would it be like if she did a walk here. what would it look like or sound like. This is great. I believe that the greatest thing to do is to watch things and to see things from your own and someone else’s view, because if you change your perspective, you change your understanding.
Enough cliche for now, The point is she might see of feel certain things that you wouldn’t see on your own.

Side note: This kind of reminds me of when I was in Rome. After the tour I was on ended at a pub, a friend and I had a little too much booze with the tour guide and went back into the city. She talked about the monuments and sculptures in a way that was phenomenal. She talked about the merchants in that area and the places people would walk and hang out. I don’t know if any of what she said was true but while she was extremely hammered, she was able to paint pictures in our brains of what it was like to live in Rome during it’s prime.

In other news, I realized that watching anime in the background is a terrible idea, for two reasons.

1. I get distracted easily, but silence in annoying so….

2. I don’t understand Japanese very well so I miss half of what they are saying.


I wanna talk about a few games.

It has amazed me how far games have gotten in the past few years, and I mean in a visual sense. Screenshot (59)

This is a game called Rust. (It’s dev blog is at: http://playrust.com/ ). It is currently in alpha development but I pay it all the time with friends. this screenshot was taken at native res with all settings turned up. here’s a few more.

Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (53)

another game I play is Skyrim V. Although this game was released late 2011 there are still people out there making mods to keep this game up to date.

Here’s some examples of screenshots from google. (I’d post mine but since I play in fullscreen mode, I cant screenshot my games.

Now, these were rendered at what looks like 1920×1080. With newer graphics cards like Nvidia’s 900 series you can render games at a higher resolution and down-sample to fit on a normal monitor. When I play Skyrim I play at 3840×2160 which effectively quadruples the amount of pixels being pushed. This arguably making the picture 4 times better maybe. More pixels=more rendered=less sharp ugly lines=better picture.

I will admit, running modded Skyrim at 4k pins my GPU at 100% load and I stuggle to stay about 60fps. But damn is it worth it. Why should I go outdoors when I can see this .

So aslo, I play this game that we’ll call CS. I’ve always played video games but I’d never thought that I’d play one this much

I’ve had the game about a year and I’ve logged about 1100 hours

…there are about 8766 hours in a year.. so 12.5% of my last year, days and nights, were spent playing this. I need a life.

ANYWAYS, I enjoy this for a few reasons. First he gameplay is amazing. You play from start to halftime as a Counter-terrorist, trying to eliminate the terrorist before they plant the bomb or defuse it if they do, and the second half you do the opposite. It’s oddly very addictive. The game is played only online with other people with the same ranks as you. The rank system is very well developed. if you win a few times you rank up and if you lose a few you rank down. There is no experience points or anything. You play this game purely on skill.

This is even a game that is played in a worldwide league of signed men and women teams playing how hundreds of thousands of dollars.
(sidenote, my favoroite team CLG Red just won first place in women’s world competition :D)

There are also really… interesting conversations in this game. As with most videogames, they are primarily dominated by men so the conversations are very rude.

Enjoy this clip I made of my friends playing CS. WARNING, terrible language and women being called bitches and what-not. I don’t really talk much when I play I just listen.

This week’s activity, to make an activity.

As a person in love with tech, im ironically really bad at Snapchat. I never really use it other than short chats with friends, which is why I didn’t want to post my Snapchat name in the roster.

Anyways, as a total noob to this app I think I have figured out the way to use it.

So as a college student in a shitty apartment I also have a pretty shitty view. I decided to vamp it up a bit. I added neighbors, colorful houses and trees


I’m sure there is an easier way to draw because it is damn hard to draw with my thumbs. hahaha I even put red likes flying off of a car that’s most definitely speeding (happens a lot here, the speed limit is 35 and people often think its 60 for some reason).

So in short, my idea is to take where you live(view or street etc.) and make it as colorful and exciting as you feel necessary. I actually got the idea of this from my friend Ty who takes pictures of things and draws all over them, like street-snapchat graffiti; his phone has a stylus so its easier for him. I think Snapchat art is interesting. To make something artistic that isn’t archived and is only enjoyed for 24 hours by a group of people that happened to see it. Interesting.

If anyone knows an easier way to do this please update me. haha

heres the before:


in other news, I’m a little late to this week’s homework because I binge watched a couple seasons of this anime.

… and by a couple seasons I mean 6 haha.


Nikki S. Lee and how she broke identity down

This artist is amazing. I watched an hour long interview with her about how she started.

She is a Korean photographer born in 1970. She received a bachelors and masters degree in photography in New York. She started to wonder about her own identity and decided to do these projects where she explored other peoples lives. This idea became huge and she became a famous photographer.


Her idea was spending time with people from a completely different life as her and form into them, even her look, and she takes pictures with them. She isn’t the person taking the picture, she’s the subject similar to Victorine Meurent. In an interview She said she would spend about a month with her subjects but no longer because that identity would become too real.


She has done many projects like the Lesbian project, the Yuppie project, the Tourist project, and the Hip Hop project. Although her idea didn’t start out to make a message, just her trying to explore identity, it showed that a person’s identity isn’t black and white and can flow like sexuality.


Like other students mentioned, the picture style was also unique. Her photos are posed in a way that a normal person would take the picture. That further puts her in that identity. Regular people taking regular photos in their regular environment. It was genius.

In other news, in class we talked about 19th century artists and as a big fan of Vincent van Gogh it reminded me of this scene in Doctor Who. When I visited this museum it was awesome because I’ve been wanting to go since I saw this episode.

…not going to lie I might have cried a bit ahhahahahha

Redesigning Redding

So I’ve decided to redesign Redding,Ca. I’m not home this week so ill work on the town I’m in. I lived around Redding for 10 years before I lived in long beach so I still consider this home. This city its in the extreme north of California about 100 miles south of the Oregon border.

Screenshot (10)

Now the reason I want to redesign this ENTIRE city and not just a neighborhood is because it has the worst layout imaginable. The city is so spread out that it takes a good 20 minutes at freeway speeds to get from one side of the city to the other.
According to google, Redding has a population of 91,000 and a size of 61 sqmi. If you compare that to Long Beach,for example, it has a population of 469,000 and a size of 51 sqmi. That is almost 5 times as spread out. I went to the tallest place around redding to try to get an aerial view and this is what I got.

As you can see it is so spread out all you can see is trees. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees, I think it should be the city of trees instead of Sacramento. I feel like most people have never lived in a city where trees outnumber people and that’s actually really bad. The problem that Redding has is there is 1 main road called Cypress Ave. going East/West. and I5 going north/south. For a city with this many people that isn’t enough and since it is so spread everyone uses those roads. The traffic is terrible there.

If this city was designed closer together many positives would come out of it. Travel time would get cut down. Gas would be less used. People might even walk to work.

To redesign this city I used a game I’ve been playing for a while. Its called City Skylines. Why design a city when I can study it’s layout down to things like traffic problems, recreation, even garbage routes.

A circle style city, its perfect. Everything exactly where you need it in the shortest possible route.

i attempted to recreate the photo above

Screenshot (11)

almost 190,000 population even a lake like in Redding. The original idea of the Atoll style city was designed by a guy named Drizzle on steam.

In other news, the city ended up going bankrupt and crime rate skyrocketed. Interesting really.