Victorine Meurent: Painter, Model.


This woman well, Is an artist. Yes, it’s a little odd for an artist to be the person in the art but that was her style. Let me make a metaphor. When you watch a commercial for a sports car drifting a corner at high speed. The slow motion slots of smoke pouring from the tires and sun reflecting off the hood, that is the ad for the car company itself. But, There’s a driver also, and you never saw the drivers name. That car was pushed and controlled at that limit by the driver and not the car. Her painter was Édouard Manet.


She was also a painter. She was born in 1844 in France. She was the model in the well known masterpieces of Manet. It is interesting that modeling was a thing back then. As a young woman she was depicted in his art and became famous. She has had her personal art and art of her featured in exhibits. She was painted many.many times. If you google her name you can see her painted doing almost anything. That is what I find interesting. A lot of credit of her paintings were given to her even though she was the subject. I feel like she gave off a feeling that the artist couldn’t give alone. This combination is what made these works famous.



As one of the other students in my class mentioned. Nudes were always gods and goddesses. She didn’t seem to care about that. Many nudes are drawn of her and in all her paintings you see her confidence in who she is. She’s not a goddess but was as good as one. I read a report by someone who mentioned that when the first painting of her was on exhibit it was laughed at or ignored because she was nude and then visited later; people at the time didn’t want to admit that it was art. I also agree with the similarities between titanic and the nude of her laying on the bed.

Look what i drew while I was procrastinating homework. It took like 3 whole sharpies. I find it important to have more than one thing going on at the same time. As a person with ADD its really hard for me to just do something. right now I’m writing this, re-watching doctor who, looking at computer parts and drawing my villain picture. I like completing things, I love it. I honestly, and i hate it but have come to terms with it, forget sentences while I’m saying them. Working on a bunch of things at once gives me the ability to hop back and forth and finish things.


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