So I painted on cardboard today.


I couldn’t exactly figure out where I was going with this. so, i decided to drown the cardboard as much as possible hahah

I’ve never used spray paint to paint pictures before. I’ve only ever used it to paint things that needed to be painted. This is new to me. It was almost difficult to purposely make the paint run and stay wet. I enjoyed it though. I should have went to Venice.

I definitely need more space, I was thinking about redoing this on my computer and putting it on a wall somewhere famous with google earth hahahha.


In other news I had a piece of cardboard that was bigger and i taped it to my wall to paint on it. I left for a bit to get food and came back and it was gone. I’m assuming it flew off of my balcony. I live on a 3rd floor apartment so someone downstairs got a free piece of cardboard i suppose…


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