Joseph Cornell and his Boxes


This man is Joseph Cornell. He grew up in New York taking care of his brother in a small house. I enjoyed this class lecture. As said in the video he is a self trained artist who made his art in boxes. These boxes were an “adventure” in a box; each one specifically made with a theme and design.



After doing further research of him i have found that he is an interesting person. He lived in a quaint little house devoting his life to take care of his brother. His brother had Cerebral Palsy so he was home most of the time, and weary of strangers he was always alone. Even though he was alone I feel like his mind was exploding with ideas for his art. I feel like living in his little house is what inspired him to make these boxes. He found art in thing people might not even consider art and he turned it into an experience.

This art, locked behind glass, was his way of giving us an experience. The story told to us about his neighbor that used to borrow these boxes from him is the best example. I would have loved to have handled one of these with absolute care. I really enjoy art that has a physical essence to it;something you can enjoy with more than just your eyes.

In the meantime, I’m catching up on the 4th season of Torchwood. I’ve been out of town lately because of a wedding and I’m finally at a house with internet so that’s cool.  I enjoyed being out of wifi and cell service the last week. It felt great to be off the grid.


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