3d chairs and my pet squid.

Screenshot (1)So this weeks activity is was to make a chair in 3D. I’m not allowed to use my old sac state ID to log onto their server and use solid works, so I’m super glad I can use Minecraft for this. I’m obviously not very good with Minecraft however lol.

this is what my main inspiration :

imagesOddly, curves are really weird with cubes. hahah.
This was interesting for me. ususally when I used to play minecraft with my friends I was just trying to survive but building certain objects was fun. I think I might get back into minecraft.

Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (4)Here’s some more views of my chair. I made it all out of cotton so I feel like it’s really comfortable. I put it it in the middle of the water pointing west so you can watch the sunset over my minecraft world.

Screenshot (7)

And this is my squid Steve who hung out with me as I built him a cotton chair.


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