Picture lock :)

So I’m editing an decided to stop cutting stuff out. It’s down to 4:53.

If I didn’t have two monitors I’d cry. I run Premiere on both or After Effects on one with YouTube on the other. Having 12 logical cores on this comp doesn’t slow me down at all. I also feel like I’m out of anime’s I need new ones.

Here’s a preview of the coloring I’m doing, due tomorrow. And also enjoying some System of a Down lol.
Screenshot (46)

In other news, I was at a party last night and tried to light a stoge on the stove for this lady, didn’t have a lighter and I almost burned my eyebrows off. Don’t play with fire when you’re drunk kids. :)

EDIT: here’s an extremely large gif of steph stealing someones money and picking her weapon back up.

 photo Sequence-02_zpsintumalg.gif


  1. Glenn Zucman · June 2, 2015

    What about including some video with posts like this? The piece in progress? Or maybe just a preview of a shot or two? The photos are great to see you in action, but a bit of video might let us connect more.


    • Kristopher Smith · June 2, 2015

      i made a gif of one of the scenes, the bitrate is super low on gifs so don’t make fun of it.


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