A rant about Apple and a shot from my latest.

I feel like I spend all my time editing. Which I love to do, don’t get me wrong.

I kinda feel like It’s an oddly hard direction to go in in life. Most people at some point might have edited a video or something similar for a class and that’s all I do. But what I don’t understand is, and I don’t know if it’s okay to complain about this but, the computers most people get to use are kinda shitty. I don’t mean personal computers but my film department’s computers. They have somewhere around 40 Mac computers that have barely enough power to turn on let alone edit video. I’m not complaining in a budget kind of way but more like an Apple way. The company pushes their computers as media computers and it’s sort of a lie. Mac Pros have some insane power I’ll give it that but not their basic computers that schools buy cause they think they’re keeping up with the latest trend.

The reason I complain is that the time you spend rendering can discourage you from even doing it, you might come to hate it and I’d hate to see Film lose an artist that could have and would have changed media as we know it.

The computers in my department are $2000 or so a piece. I built my computer for less than that but the difference in power is night and day. I tested this with the same preview render cause I wasn’t about to wait for a full render lol. The film department’s computer rendered in 6 minutes, I rendered in 4 seconds. On the bright side I can edit from home and drink a nice cold beer.

Either way rant over.

Here’s a screenshot from my latest. There’s no color correction of anything; I’m on my way to picture lock.

screenshots of my latest

Happy blogging :)

ps: I hope anyone that has ever thought about film or anything the like pursues it.


  1. Glenn Zucman · May 29, 2015

    Hey Kristopher, IDK about FEA, but at least some places on campus, the computers don’t get replaced that often. So what might have been a decent or even high end machine when purchased, might not be impressing you now.

    We’re so mobile focused here in 2015 that it seems silly to even dive into the old Mac vs PC wars, but I guess I’ll do it anyway. To me Macs exist in a more narrow range than PC’s. If you want to grade computers from 0 – 100 or some such scale, I feel like Macs only are available in 40 – 70 or something like that. Which means that a Cheap PC will be way worse than any Mac out there. Maybe this is why so many peeps think Macs are better? But on the high end I don’t think Macs compare. I do some 3D Virtual World stuff so I wanted a nice “gaming” rig. You can only get a “pretty good” nVidia GeForce card in a Mac. The highest end and newest ones are only available for PC. I built my own (pretty easy to do) and wound up with a machine that I think is dramatically more powerful than any Mac available at lower cost. But I can’t run Final Cut! :P


    • Kristopher Smith · May 29, 2015

      I feel you on the mac vs pc war lol. I built my computer too. I feel like most of my frustration in my department is the lack of ram 4gb and its super cheap/quick fix that will completely change editing.

      thanks for coming here tho.

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