My current projects

So It’s actually quite nice writing in here about what I’m doing. I feel like all I do nowadays is sit in my room all day and not talking to anyone. It’d be nice to move my editing computer to my porch but carrying a water-cooled computer by yourself is freaking impossible. BUT water-cooling makes it so rediculously quiet that the breeze outside my window is louder than my computer at full load. :) no humming or squealing from shitty comp fans.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways my current projects:

Screenshot (41)Title: Darkness
I’m assistant director, assistant editor, and probably going to do all the sound crap.
I have until June 10th to finish this with the editor so that’s okay, not enough time, that’s for sure, but we’ll finish.

Screenshot (42)Title: I guess this is who I am now…
I’m writer, Director, Editor, and sound. I’m totally ecstatic about how my cinematographer was able to capture this. The picture lock and sub-final draft due in like 2 days, FUCK.

I’m also working on two other projects but being just editor on them I am not allowed to show you anything. :P

I really enjoy editing serious stories like this because it’s a new genre for me. Everyone loves comedy and I feel like comedy is a little easier to make. To make a compelling story however, is super freaking hard. But I love it. I love this so much. Someone gives me raw footage, a script and a dream in their head of what they want. I take all of that raw footage and turn it into a world where it can exist and where that story can bloom. Every single cut length and sound and even color correction drastically changes the feeling the viewer has. The ability to stack all of these things onto a viewer and forcing the viewer to feel some kind of emotion over a, well essentially a, fake world is just amazing.

Allan Kaprow and my old job

So far this class I’m in has been in session for 2 days and it already changed what I once considered art.

Allan Kaprow has changed art as definition, I said before that he defined art as a verb and I didn’t explain it. Mostly because this is my blog and I want to explain that here. After searching his images on Google all you see are his happenings. The noun art is one thing but TO art(verb) is different. He’s made it into a thing he does,until his move, and gained followers and fame. I also like how Dr.Glenn talked about his attention to detail. The pic below looks as if it is just a messy room of tires but I am not doubt sure that it is a meticulously thought out piece.

pic credit

Gotta love a nice whitewall though.

I kinda feel like relating these lessons to my life,

So i said in a slack post that it reminded me of an old job I had at a tire place. At the end of the day we’d stack the old tires in the truck like so, called lacing. And to us working there, it was art and pride. If you worked mon-thurs, you made damn sure your laces looked better than the guy working fri-sat.


pic credit 

And damn was it a freaking workout. lol


ps: you can use my art 110 gif if you want, or, if you want your own or anything sure, I made it in C4D and premiere.

A rant about Apple and a shot from my latest.

I feel like I spend all my time editing. Which I love to do, don’t get me wrong.

I kinda feel like It’s an oddly hard direction to go in in life. Most people at some point might have edited a video or something similar for a class and that’s all I do. But what I don’t understand is, and I don’t know if it’s okay to complain about this but, the computers most people get to use are kinda shitty. I don’t mean personal computers but my film department’s computers. They have somewhere around 40 Mac computers that have barely enough power to turn on let alone edit video. I’m not complaining in a budget kind of way but more like an Apple way. The company pushes their computers as media computers and it’s sort of a lie. Mac Pros have some insane power I’ll give it that but not their basic computers that schools buy cause they think they’re keeping up with the latest trend.

The reason I complain is that the time you spend rendering can discourage you from even doing it, you might come to hate it and I’d hate to see Film lose an artist that could have and would have changed media as we know it.

The computers in my department are $2000 or so a piece. I built my computer for less than that but the difference in power is night and day. I tested this with the same preview render cause I wasn’t about to wait for a full render lol. The film department’s computer rendered in 6 minutes, I rendered in 4 seconds. On the bright side I can edit from home and drink a nice cold beer.

Either way rant over.

Here’s a screenshot from my latest. There’s no color correction of anything; I’m on my way to picture lock.

screenshots of my latest

Happy blogging :)

ps: I hope anyone that has ever thought about film or anything the like pursues it.

Hello world!

I couldn’t think of a better title so i left it. lol. I’m Kristopher Smith. I’m a Film Major based out of Long Beach CA. I haven’t blogged in years so I look forward to this :). So please enjoy my page and posts as I’ll be posting really anything that comes to mind. Happy blogging.

lol this gif.